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5 Beautiful Lake in Indonesia You Must Visit

Indonesia is rich with natural beauty, one of which is the lake. For the traveler, the lake is a natural treat that as an oasis on the way. Coolness and beauty to experience. Here it is 5 beautiful lakes in Indonesia that you must visit.

1. Toba Lake, North Sumatra

The lake is a destination that you must visit when visiting North Sumatra. Toba lake is the pride of this community, has no natural beauty of the two. The breadth also includes several counties in North Sumatra, the District Simalungun, Samosir, North Tapanuli, Humbang Hasundutan, Karo, and Dairi.

This volcanic lake has a length of 100 km and 30 km wide. From Medan, the journey takes 4 hours to arrive at this lake. Nan calm expanse of blue water with green scenery around him will calm outlook. Lake Toba with a boat wading becomes an unforgettable experience.

Uniquely, this lake also has a charming beach, such as the Coast Lumban Binanga. Landscape at dawn also be fun story when you stay around the area of Lake Toba. Do not forget to visit the island of Samosir, because many cultures and traditions that you can learn there.

2. Ranu Kumbolo Lake, East Java

Who is not familiar with Ranu Kumbolo? It lies on the slopes of Mount Semeru is an oasis when you make it to the highest peak of the gods. Situated at an altitude of 2400 masl, the cold atmosphere you will feel. Ranu Kumbolo a favorite camping spot on Mount Semeru. The lake is like a still life, with clouds shaped like cotton on it and the carpet of trees around it will remove all your fatigue.

Panorama at sunrise in Ranu Kumbolo indisputable. You can see the golden color of sunlight reflected by the surface of the lake. It's beautiful!

3. Labuan Lake, East Kalimantan

From its name, the lake is dubbed as 'a giant mirror'. Mirror Lake is located in the village of Labuan Big Dipper, Big Dipper, Berau, East Kalimantan. In addition, you will meet with the monkeys, wild boar, birds, gibbons, gibbon and sun bears along the way.

Mirror Lake Labuan has a stretch of blue water and clear. From the surface of the lake, which is reflected every shadow on it. The lake is vast and cool and unique views of the forest of Borneo, mebuat you will be amazed.

In this lake you can snorkeling and diving. The fish are beautiful, natural rocks and wild plants you will encounter. You can also watch the bubbles of warm water and a few points while diving. That is the boundary between sea water and fresh water. Perfect!

4. Lake Flores, NTT

The lake is known as the lake three colors will make you wonder. Three color lake is owned by the red, white and blue. This lake can change color, as a result of light refraction and micro marine life. Lake Flores consists of three lakes at the top of Mount Flores. According to local belief, this lake is where pl spirits place of the ancestors. However, the beauty of Lake Flores was known to the world.

Views of sunrise at Lake Flores also no less beautiful. Red light with views of three lakes of different colors, making the object image is perfect.

5. Bedugul Lake, Bali

Not just any beach, Bali also has a beautiful lake that is perfect. Located in Tabanan, Bali, Bedugul Lake is a quiet side, and coolness of the island. Bedugul has a typical mountain air, vast lake, and the serene tranquility. In one corner, there Ulun Danu. This temple is a place of worship to praise the Goddess Danu Hyang, who gave fertility. Guaranteed, you'll be tempted to take pictures of the temple.

You can explore the lake by renting a boat. All-green scenery of the mountains around Bedugul, a source of a separate peace for your mind.