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5 Best Philippines Tourist Attractions

Philippines became a country that should not be overlooked when you want to vacation in Asia. Many tourist attractions lie that presents the natural beauty complete with amenities. Here are the best tourist attractions in the Philippines you should visit:

1. Manila 

The heart of the Philippines is showing a blend of ancient and modern elements. Manila became the main destination for a performing arts center in Asia. A unique destination to visit is Intramuros, a city surrounded by walls and many other interesting tourist attractions in Manila

2. Cebu 

Cebu is the second largest metropolis in which the easy to find hotels, shopping centers, entertainment venues, casinos, and golf courses to meet the needs of tourists. Cebu is also the dream of a tropical island complete with comfortable weather, beautiful beaches, clear water, and luxury resorts.

3. Chocolate Hills 

Spread in the town of Carmen, Batu, and Sagbayan. Its name because the hill looks like a row of brown layer that enveloped it when the grass turns brown in early summer. Two hills have been developed and equipped with facilities, including viewdeck, hostels and restaurants.

4. Palawan 

Palawan offering exceptional natural beauty and diverse wildlife. To maintain its natural balance made ​​eco-friendly program that is to avoid strictly prohibits fishing using dynamite. Only allowed to use fishing nets and on lines that have been determined.

5. Banaue 

Enjoy the famous stretch of paddy fields as the stairway to the sky. Banaue is one of the leading tourist destinations in Asia. During the emotion, you can move as walking, cycling and trekking. While perfect for warm evenings by the fire while chatting while stopped at a local rural area.