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5 Osaka Tourist Attractions You Must Visit

Osaka is Japan's second largest city. Since ancient times the city of Osaka is known as trade and transit. But there are many interesting tourist attractions in Osaka. Interested in a vacation to Osaka? Here are tourist attractions in Osaka you must visit:

1. Osaka Castle

Osaka Castle is a heritage building that is protected by the Japanese government. The main tower of Osaka Castle is a towering symbol of the city of Osaka. Osaka Castle palace once used as a fortress since the days of Azuchi Momoyama to the Edo period. Osaka Castle is currently comprised of the main tower is protected by two layers of a high wall surrounded by two layers of the trench, the trench section (Uchibori) and the outer moat (Sotobori). Water used to flow through the palace moat flows taken from the Yodo River to the north of Osaka Castle.

2. Kaiyukan Aquarium

Kaiyukan aquarium is one of the world's largest aquarium tour and terfaforit in Osaka, Japan are worth your visit. Virtue Kaiyukan Aquarium tour, which offers 30 000 specimens consisting of 580 species of water animals. 29 000 specimens of 470 species including fish and mammals, plus the 1000 specimens of 110 species of plant. In addition, the aquarium also features 16 different tank, with marine life in it.

Kaiyukan also has a parking area large enough to accommodate 2200 cars at once. This certainly appeals to many visitors. No wonder the aquarium tour is hunted local and foreign tourists.

3. Shitennoji temple 

Shitennoji is one of Japan's oldest temples. It was built in 593 by Prince Shotoku, who supported the introduction of Buddhism into Japan. In Temple area there is Gokuraku-jodo Garden was designed based on descriptions of the Western Paradise of the Amida Buddha. Also on the temple grounds stands a treasure house that exhibits paintings, sculptures, scriptures and many other valuable belongings of the temple.

4. Tenjinbashi Shopping Street

For those who love shopping, Take come to this area. Tenjinbashi Shopping Street is the longest shopping center in Japan with a length of 2.6 kilometers.

5. Osaka Science Museum

Osaka Science Museum is located on Nakanoshima Island has four floors of interactive exhibits and displays. The museum is through the display shows a variety of science ranging from the illustration of our universe, chemistry, electricity and energy. Science Shows are usually held three times a day (the show is only in Japanese).