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Beautiful Cala Llentrisca, Ibiza Tourist Attractions

A natural jewel with extraordinary beauty in Ibiza, Spain. Cala Llentrisca which is one of the most remote and isolated bays in Ibiza, but the most beautiful. Overlay view of the houses of fishermen and the fishermen are busy with their daily activities add to the beauty of the bay.

Probably fairly difficult to find the existence of the bay because the only way to go there only through the narrow and rough road that leads into the hillside. The distance is about 1km before you arrive. But your effort really worth it once you realize how wonderful Cala Llentrisca.

Things To Do In Cala Llentrisca,Ibiza:

Beach about 100m long and 10m wide with gravel rocks scattered in the region. The water was clear, green, cool, and shallow making it suitable for swimming. One thing that makes the water look so beautiful is the color that from a distance looks like a green emerald. Natural green color of the water due to the coral reefs around him.

Suitable beaches for snorkeling. You can enjoy the underwater beauty. Having come to the surface, the hills are covered with perpetual green pine ready to welcome you. Although not among the bay to relax, but this is one of the prettiest you've ever seen.

To get to this hidden cove, you must follow the sign of Es Cubells to Cala Llentrisca. The journey will be long enough but you will be served by the no less beautiful panorama during the trip. Swim into the green waters and feel the spirit of nature