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Best Tourist Attractions in Byblos Lebanon

The city of Byblos in Lebanon has been exist from 5,000 years BC. Now, the city is leaving the graceful beauty and history-laden building nicely. No doubt, Byblos became tourist attractions subscription lovers of history. Buildings of stone and clay will be a common sight here. Quiet old pier with boats moored at the edge so attractive destination for tourists.

Here are the best Byblos tourist attractions you must see:

1. Obelisk Temple

To start a historical tour, you can visit the Obelisk Temple. Here, the ruins of the Obelisk Temple will whisper to you about the story of its history.

2. Byblos Castle 

Byblos Castle was built by the Crusaders in the 12th century could be the next destination. The building is thick with Roman shades are made of limestone and surrounded by a ditch. What can not be missed to visit the Medieval City Wall. This area is a refuge of local communities at the time of the Crusaders.

3. Byblos Wax Museum

Also a time to look at Byblos Wax Museum. There are wax statues of the nation display the historical development of ancient Phoenicia until now. Treat yourself to learn more about the development of their history here.

4. Shopping at Byblos city

After being immersed in the history of the destination, now is the time shopping and relaxing. You can walk to the northwest of the city and enjoy the Historic Quarter that shady, full of history and of course fun. Because this is where the gathering of merchants and connoisseurs of souvenirs. You can hunt for unique artifacts and antique with a hypnotic atmosphere of the ancient city.

5. Byblos Beach

A sunny afternoon is a jewel in the city. Because the sun will accompany your coffee and enjoy a fun city hubbub. A time to play on the beach because the beach at Byblos became destinations must go when the sun was smiling wide. Eits, do not always satisfied because there is still a seafood restaurant, bar and cafe open that will pamper you.