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Best Tourist Attractions In Darwin Australia

DARWIN is the capital of the state of Australia's Northern Territory has unique characteristics in the field of tourism. Darwin is the capital of a multi-cultural. many interesting nature tourist attractions that you can explore. Here are the best tourist attractions in Darwin you must visit: 

1. Litchfield National Park

Litchfield National Park, with lush forests, spectacular waterfalls, a wading pool is sparkling and termite mound towering is an increasingly popular tourist destination of Darwin. Of the Northern Territory, this national park can be reached simply by driving over two hours. Moreover, all the major attractions of nature  of whom Buley Rockhole and Florence Falls, Tolmer and fantastic fragrance - easily accessible from the main road Litchfield.

2. Fannie Bay Gaol

Fannie Bay Gaol is rich in social history and one of the most important sites Territory heritage. Fannie Bay Gaol operated as Her Majesty's Gaol and Labour Prison in Darwinfrom 20 September 1883 to 1 September 1979.

3. Darwin Museum and Art Gallery

Museum and Art Gallery Northern Territory is a major museum in the Northern Territory. The museum is located in the Darwin suburb of Fannie Bay. A permanent display of Aboriginal and Torres Straight Arts is supplemented by additional displays from time to time.

4. Kakadu National Park 

Walk wetland Adelaide and Mary River to Kakadu National Park are listed as World Heritage. Here, you can walk through the bush over the steep slopes and lush rainforest, and discover a treasure trove of Aboriginal rock art. It's Attractive

6. Tiwi Islands

In the Tiwi Island you will find lush rainforests, sandy beaches and rock pools which are Tiwi Islands landscape. Tiwi people have lived in the Islands for thousands of years and their lives have been greatly influenced by the Catholic mission on Bathurst Island was built in 1911.

Most People in the Tiwi Islands is a prolific artist who produced a distinctive and valuable art, pottery, sculpture and wood carving. Their work is displayed in a gallery on Bathurst Island and can be visited during the tour.