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Free Museum Tourist Attraction For Children In London

LONDON become a paradise for the children because there are several museum objects that can be entered for free. While having fun around and see the museum collection, they might as well add knowledge. The following are free museum tourist attractions for children in London:

Science Museum

A place where children are introduced to science using a fun way. Witnessed the greatness of the technology that helped change the world starting from the technology of the past, present, and future in a seven-story gallery. Admission to the Science Museum does not charge, but there are several additional facilities such as IMAX 3D. Open daily 10:00 to 18:00 hours (local time) and closed on December 24 to 26.

Natural History Museum

Presents many interesting objects in one of the most beautiful buildings in London. Pouler include dinosaur gallery, a blue whale model Mammals and Central Hall that houses the skeleton of Diplodocus. Do not miss exciting to see hundreds of species and peering into the laboratory where there are scientists who are working. Your child can join the experts in the Darwin Centre at Attenborough Studio to talk about science and nature. Open every day (10.00am-17.50pm). Closed on December 24 to 26.

V & A Museum of Childhood

Each year nearly 400,000 visitors arrive. Collection of toys such as dolls, doll houses, and teddy bears. In addition the museum jiga often hold exhibitions and performances, events and workshops for both adults and families, as well as offering excellent programs for schools. Open 10.00am-17.45pm hours every day. Closed on December 24 to 26 and January 1.