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Popular Tourist Attractions in Kowloon, Hongkong

Kowloon, Hong Kong without a doubt is favorite tourist destinations in Asia. Here, you will find the mix of east and west as well as the noisy crowded atmosphere every day. Here are some places that become most popular tourist attractions in Kowloon:

1. Kowloon City Park

The park is the apparent calm is an important historical site because it also serves as the Kowloon China fort used to protect the Kowloon Bay. It is also an important defense for Hong Kong by the British takeover in 1841.

Along the way, behind the walls of the fort remains, a miniature city that was once full of slums and illegal activities were developed. It was only in 1994 that destroyed a miniature city and then a beautiful park, which until now you can see.

2. Nathan Road

The first road built after the takeover of British Kowloon is Nathan Road. The road was originally called the Golden Mile is filled with rows of shops and restaurants on both sides complete with vibrant neon markers.

While at Nathan Road, try walking a few miles from Mong Kok to Tsim Sha Tsui to buy some goods. It's not as cheap in the market but has an attractive appearance.

3. The night market

While in Kowloon do not miss the opportunity to visit the night market on Temple Street. While there be sure to explore the north of Jordan Road where you will find a variety of stalls with the best deals. Do not forget to haggle.

In order to maintain stamina, you should eat in one stall adjacent to the market. English can be an effective language to get the menu you want. Because there are no menus in English, there's usually one of the staff on duty to speak English to help you choose.