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San Alfonso del Mar Pool, Attractive Tourist Attractions in Chile

There are many attractive swimming pool in the world, one of  it is San Alfonso del Mar in Chile. In addition to being on the beach, swimming pool was the biggest in the world. 20 Hectares.

This pool is located at San Alfonso del Mar Resort is located in the City of Algarrobo, Chile. Precisely about 60 miles or 100 km from the capital Santiago. With a length of 915 meters and the area of ​​20 hectares makes this pool was awarded as the world's largest swimming pool.

For those of you who have never come here, perhaps it is unimaginable that a swimming pool. This pool is more like a sea. Moreover, the location is right on the beach.

As reported by the Daily Mail on Monday (5/21/2012), the pool will require as many as 66 million gallons of water to fill up. Source of water derived from seawater that has passed the screening stage to not taste salty. Various advanced technologies have been prepared managers, such as using a computer monitoring system and temperature control.

When compared with an Olympic pool, the pool is much larger giant 20 times as much. No need to worry if you want to swim in the pool is the biggest, because there are hundreds of guards who are ready to help and assist.

In addition to the world's largest pool also has a very beautiful scenery. On the sidelines of the activity pool, you can enjoy the southern coast of Chile is so beautiful.

You not only get to swim in the pool is huge, but also relax at the swimming ban. Even if you want to enjoy the sensation of a more exciting, you can rent a canoe or small sailboat.