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See Amazing Senggigi Beach in Lombok, Indonesia

Senggigi Beach is one of the most famous tourist resort in Lombok, Indonesia. Waves on the beach is not very big, long line of beautiful beaches with sand gradation from black to white. Amazing.

In the area of Senggigi Beach , west Lombok visited by many foreign tourists . Most of them spend time with swimming and sunbathing.

Which makes this beach so special is the length of its coastline. Long as the eye could see, tourists will be served in the beauty of the clean lines of Senggigi Beach. There is a uniqueness that is shown. Senggigi Beach sand is not all white, some black beaches.

Senggigi sea water is so clear and clean. There is no waste at all there. In fact, tourists can see the fish that were swimming freely along the fold of the upper surface of the sea. Coral reefs on the coast is also preserved. Make sure when in Senggigi beach, you do not miss the underwater natural elegance.

Take your snokeling equipment, and dive into the underwater world of Senggigi. Be witness to the beauty of the underwater Senggigi which has not stained the hands of ignorant people.

Senggigi enjoy the most fun during the afternoon before sunset. From a distance you can see the sun back into hiding. That initially appear white sky sunny, gently redden. The sun looked down slowly and disappeared leaving the darkness. Behind the white clouds, find the sun and catch with your camera. Perfect!

If you are curious about the beauty of this coast, travelers can depart from Lombok International Airport to West Lombok. Travel time takes about 2 hours. Although the trip so far, all will be paid with a view of beauty.