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Things To Do In Athens

When visiting Athens, Greece, there are many things to do. In addition to the classical era heritage such as museums, parks, and cultural area, there are also modern shopping centers such as bars or clubs. However, do not also miss to try the Greek cuisine.

Here are 10 Things to do in Athens:

1. Visit the Acropolis of Athens
Visible from almost every corner of the city, Athens Acropolis that dominates the sky, stood firm and dignified. Acropolis is the essence of the classical era and one of the most important monuments in the world heritage list. Parthenon temple that dominates the Acropolis each year attracts millions of visitors. This is a list of your initial visit when I went to Athens. Acropolis is open daily from 8:00 to 19:30 am local time (summer) and 8:30 to 15:00 pm local time (winter).

2. The incorporation of ancient Athens to the contemporary city
Walk along the Monastiraki, Plaka, Theseion and Kerameikos district. There you will find in ancient Athens. Now as a result of urban development project (Unification of archaeological sites), the majority of archaeological sites have been perfectly incorporated into the contemporary city.

You can walk the streets of Athens or just sit for a cup of coffee while enjoying the ancient sites like the Ancient Agora, Roman Agora, and others.

3. Know more about the 5,000 years of human civilization
Museum in Athens presenting important exhibitions that can take you into a journey of 5,000 years of human civilization. Starting with the Cycladic era, exploring the classical era of Roman, Byzantine era, the era of the Ottoman empire, then pass through the Enlightenment era.

4.Hiking in downtown
One of the best things to do in Athens to visit Mount Lycabettus is located in the heart of the city. The trip is ideally done on foot or by cable car for around 6 euros while enjoying the magnificent panoramic view of Athens.

5. Visit the City of Plaka and the flea market on Sunday morning
In the beauty of the old town of Plaka in Athens there is a neighborhood full of small shops, souvenir shops and small restaurants serving Greek food. Every Sunday morning, took place at the Monastiraki flea market and Avissinias Square, with antique furniture, porcelain and many other interesting things to buy.

6. Athens Metro
Athens Metro is not just an underground transport system where you can continue to travel from one region to another. This place is also a museum which exhibits the ancient Greek era and contemporary art you can see and enjoy.

7. Tasting seafood, Mediterranean-style cuisine
For those of you who want to find the seafood come to Microlimano. The journey there will take approximately half an hour from the city center. Make sure you try a variety of fresh seafood and Greek cuisine recipes in many restaurants in Athens that is known around the world with fresh ingredients and rich nutritional value.

8. Shopping
Shopping or buy a gift seems to be a must when visiting a new place. This is also true that Athens continues to enhance its long tradition in the field of crafts, jewelry making and manufacture of shoes.

There was also the fashion world that offers a shopping center with a designer who has been internationally recognized and these companies and many large and small boutiques featuring brands from around the world. Shopping satisfaction you can feel in Athens.

9. Feel the night life
Nightlife in Athens lasted until morning. With many bars and clubs, there are many things to do there. For those of you who want to visit two or three places before going to sleep, Psirri District could be the right place because there bnyak good clubs and bars that play all kinds of music from rock, Latin to pop. There was also a trendy Gazi district with her style of art bar. If you are looking for something beautiful, come into the district of Kolonaki, in the southern suburbs.

10. Tasting the cultural life of Athens
Last but certainly not least, the arts flourished in Athens. Throughout the year, internationally acclaimed artists performing in the Greek capital and the visual arts takes place in a large number of galleries and museums.