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Things To Do In Barbados Caribbean

BARBADOS, the easternmost island in the Caribbean, Barbados is a relatively flat island, with green hills and stunning coastal scenery, in the western Caribbean and the Atlantic in the east. Scenic beauty of the island was also the inspiration Alec Waugh's novel titled "Island of the Sun."

When driving around the island of Barbados, you will find a variety of "rum shops," a combination bar with stores that are generally often serves as a gathering place for the Bajan. It is said, as many rum shops Barbados pick the church there, keep in mind you'll find a lot of churches here.

Rum shops are the best places to taste samples of local food and drink, watch a game of dominoes, or just know the friendliness of its people Bajan (Barbados people call it that).

Go on, you will see an abundance of Cricket field, as well as the Chattel House, especially on the lower street. Chattel house was once a small wooden house owned by the workers.

Historically, in plantation days, the workers do not have land to build houses, so they built a wooden house (House of Chattel) which can be moved quickly in case of ownership dispute case.

Chattel Houses now have different functions, some of which have become stores that sell T-shirts, beachware and other objects.

When in Barbados, you can go to Bridgetown, the island's capital, located on the southwest coast. Once there, you can stop at the Waterfront Cafe for lunch with a menu that is fly fishing the national fish the island of Barbados.

Not far from Bridgetown, you can find the restored home of George Washington as a heritage site, Mount Gay rum and center on the northern edge of the capital. Rum is here made from local sugar cane.

Turning to the east coast, you'll find a pretty fishing village of Bathsheba, with white sand beaches that stretch. While at this village, you could have lunch at the Round House and see the beautiful ocean view. Bathsheba is a popular spot for surfers and also people who are often spend weekend at the beach.

Not only that, you can wander into the town of Oistins is famous for its fish market every Friday night. In this market you can choose a variety of marine navigation, including Kingfish, swordfish, dorado or flying fish, with cou-cou (made from cornmeal and okra) or macaroni pie. Dinner cost per person of about U.S. $ 8

Of course, this is a tropical Caribbean island that will pamper you with abundant sunshine. In addition to sunbathing, do not miss the opportunity to do activities of surfing, sailing, fishing, and swimming.