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Things To Do in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik is one of the city was awarded the beautiful Adriatic Sea. Located south of Croatia, the city become one of beautiful Croatia tourist attractions that you must see. The city bears the nickname "Pearl of the Adriatic". Want to know why? Dubrovnik had all the elements of a typical old city Croatian beauty. However, the exotic city is still hidden. Dubrovnik fortified over two miles, making it like a jewel on the Adriatic coast.

Beauty of this old town has not been revealed. It's hard to imagine a city on the coast was fortified along two kilometers. Yet behind the castle, there are beautiful buildings typical of mid-century. I wonder what is more beautiful than the combined castle, castles, streets of small stones, as well as the coastal sea of blue and white coastal clean?

No wonder Dubrovnik proclaimed as a World Heritage Site since 1979 by UNESCO . From this beautiful city are born many artists and scientists. As a city transit trade empire that Turkish Ottoman dynasty, Dubrovnik save a lot of history behind the walls of the building.

Things to do in Dubrovnik:

Castles, churches, museums, houses in Dubrovnik until pretty amazing in terms of architecture and structure. Almost nothing remains of the 1991-1995 Croatian war of independence and, although in some places, the bullet holes still made an impression on some buildings. But all the atmosphere of this old city are united by a beautiful stone path, with dim lighting when night comes.

Although Dubrovnik's old age, the Old town is still there. To reach it you have to penetrate the fortress through three doors. The main door is the Inner Pile Gate, where you can see the entire Old Town area of the right angle when it is enshrined in the camera.

Stepped in the Old City, you must wonder where the buildings have a history. Every building looks old, looks old, stands majestically without disturbed times. Castles as happy as it is still exposed to the sun. Leafy trees around him also seemed to enjoy the coastal breeze. For a moment, the beauty of the Old City of Dubrovnik will make you forget yourself.

Bell Tower has a giant bell that rings every hour. Simply look and immortalize it in the camera and foot step to the west. Sponza Palace will immediately alighted at the corner of the eye. This gothic-style building is the only one who survived the 1667 earthquake last year.

Placa Stradun the Dubrovnik city square. During the day, you can walk along the aisles filled with rows of restaurants and cafes are pretty tiny. While the night, Placa Stradun is where the two lovers making love. This is a meeting place for lovers, friends, family, even for you to watch the atmosphere of Dubrovnik in the evening.

The next morning, welcome the morning with sipping the wind at the Lapad beach. Located 3.5 miles from Old Town, you can run along the white sand that seemed without limit. Or, just sit under a shady tree and greet the sun behind the cool air covered.

Back at the Old Town area, watch the local residents to pray in a beautiful old church. There is a Franciscan Monastery, Dominican Monastery, Church of St Sebastian also built the 15th century. Details on each of these seemingly out of the church continues to be admired that.