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Things To Do In Tokyo Japan

Tokyo offers a variety of unique attractions, ranging from cultural, traditional architecture, fashion, food, until a series of entertainment events. Many factors encourage the world to set foot in the heart of the Japanese mainland. Tokyo become the most popular tourist attractions in Japan.

Things To Do In Tokyo Japan

In Tokyo many thing that you can do and you see. Such as: advanced railway system. With 13 subway lines and more than 100 rail route on the ground who managed Japan Railways and other private companies, the Tokyo train system as designed to win the world record. All locations in the metropolitan area can be reached easily and quickly.

Tokyo is a fashion paradise. Although there are well-known brand like Forever 21 and H & M, many fashion boutiques countless personal in Harajuku area. Everything dedicated for fashion enthusiast. Shibuya, Omotesando and Aoyama counted as a fashion center that serves the world's largest single brand in the world renowned designers.

Visit the largest fish market in Tokyo. Viewing habits of Japanese people who like to eat seafood, it's no wonder the world's largest fish market in Tokyo is typically handles more than 2,000 tonnes of seafood each day. One of the best markets for fishermen, and buyers from leading restaurants in Tokyo is Tsukiji-Shijo.

Seeing a large number of noodle shops. Tokyo noodle shop has more than any other city in the world. One favorite is Menya Goto, a small kiosk that offers a delicious bowl of ramen and tastefulness to visitors who lined up out the door.

Read comics. You'll be surrounded by the comics that might not be read out in a day in a 'manga-Kissa' or 'comics cafe'. With a few hundred yen per hour, you can menyibukan yourself on the chaise or internet play while enjoying a soft drink that may be refilled. Suitable for the manga enthusiast. Manboo! a 'manga-Kissa' the most famous.

Tokyo is also an electronic heaven. Yodobashi Akiba is the largest electronics store in the city of Tokyo is famous as a center of gadgets, video games, and anime. Yodobashi has six floors where you can find items such as televisions, stereos, electronic collections, amusement games, and much more. While the other three floors comprising restaurants, juice bars, bookstores and music stores.

See the fireworks festival. Tokyo has a series of fireworks festival every summer. Precisely at the meeting between Asakusa and Sumida Mukojima along the river-gawa is the most spectacular. Approximately more than 20,000 fireworks in the sky gliding annually.

See the bats. Along the Kanda River that flows from Inokashira Park in Kichijoji to the Sumida River, you have to share with squatters, namely bats. Every night you can see them clustered in the sky along the river. Kelawar not attack people, they regarded it as an integral part of the atmosphere.

Shopping at branded stores. Ginza became the place where lay a collection of branded goods as far as your eyes could see, a case of Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Coach, Harry Winston, and much more. You can spend money on bags or jewelry.