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7 Top Tourist Attractions in Barcelona You Must See

Barcelona became one of the world's most popular tourist destination because all there is in this city. Barcelona is a harmonious blend of history and modernism, art and sports, as well as shopping and culinary. Barcelona is not just a football story. Many interesting places to visit in Barcelona. Here's top tourist attractions in Barcelona you should visit:

1. Picasso Museum.

The museum is very informative, especially to understand the way Pablo Ruiz Picasso as an artist. The museum is located on the Ramblas Barcelona is featuring the works of many artists of the early birth of Malaga, the October 25, 1881.

2. Sagrada Familia.

Roman Catholic church built since 1882 are not yet fully done until now. Sagrada Familia is Barcelona's most popular tourist destinations. Last year, three million tourists visit the church which is a masterpiece of pride Catalan architect, Antoni Gaudi's.

Initially, the church building was conceived by the architect Josep Bocabella Francesco de Paula Villar. However, because of differences of opinion between them, Gaudi finally took over the building since 1883. As a deeply religious, Gaudi really dedicated himself to the construction of the Sagrada Familia. Even until his death.

Sagrada Familia has been defined by UNESCO as world heritage sites in Spain. Many say, you are not legitimate to Barcelona, if you have not visited this place.

3. Casta Mila (La Pedrera).

The building is done between 1906-1912 is also included UNESCO world heritage site. Proceed to Parque Guell, garden complex in the Mount Carmel El Gaudi who worked in the period 1900-1914.

4. Parque Guell

Parque Guell conceived as a residential complex by Eusebi G├╝ell, a wealthy businessman inspired by urban parks in the UK. However, due to failure developed as residential complexes, Parque Guell finally opened as a public park since 1922. Garden terrace seating consists of a long winding mosaic-studded. From there, we could see the view of the City of Barcelona.

5. La Rambla

Go to one tourist location in Barcelona. La Rambla is a wide pedestrian promenade along the spoil area. Along the pedestrian there are restaurants, shops, hotels, cafes, kiosks and small souvenir sellers. On La Rambla, there is a fountain which is used as a place to party Canaletes fans FC Barcelona.

If you are impressed with Barcelona, ​​do not forget to drink water from this place. There is a myth, when drinking water from there, travelers will be memorable and will return to Barcelona. 

6. Boqueria

Market Mercat de Sant's full name is Josep de la Boqueria is just like a traditional market, offering a wide range of goods, especially foodstuffs. Starting from the farrago kind of seafood, fruits, vegetables, until the meat. In the market there are also several cafes with food prices affordable. For one glass of fruit juice for example, can be obtained at a price of 1 euro.

7. Passeig de Gracia.

This was one heaven for tourists who love to shop. Along the Passeig de Gracia, there are various high-end boutiques, including Loewe, the Spanish original label. Entering the Loewe boutique, we are pampered with a variety of handbags, wallets, jackets, and other products, for both women and men. One of the attractions, visitors will get more interesting when the purchase price of Loewe products in Spain compared to outside the country. Barcelona is stunning.