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Top Tourist Attractions in Hong kong

Hong Kong can be a vacation paradise for those of you who like the excitement of the city while traveling abroad. Many interesting tourist attractions can be visited there. Hong Kong offers a night life and a very festive atmosphere. The food was no less delicious food, such as Cantonese sausage, hot pot, and roast duck. The combination of skyscraper buildings and scenery of green hills make the city a cool temperature, and certainly memorable in the story of your trip abroad.

Here are top tourist attractions in Hong Kong you must visit:

1. Victoria Peak

The main sights in the highest places in Hong Kong, in this tourist area there are many Resto & Café and shop Souvenir shop with a great view. From here you can see the panorama of Hong Kong at night and during the day. This area is also famous as the residence of the celebrity, government officials and wealthy people in Hong Kong.

2. Ocean Park

The most popular theme park which occupies the seventh rank in the world with the number of visitors reached 4:38 million. In this place there is also the longest cable car in the world no.2 connecting one place to another within the park area. Has 14 different games and attractions such as Aquarium length that contains more than 2000 species of fish, panda pins, Aquarium fish jellyfish and sharks.

3. Stanley Market

In this place we can find stores and small shops are unique, and sell silk fabrics, sports equipment, crafts, jewelry, traditional clothing of China, and other souvenirs. Not far from this place there is also a beach playground and a restaurant that serves International menu.

4. Repulse Bay

located in southern Hong Kong island and the spectacular beaches in Hong Kong. This place is perfect for relaxing and exercising air.selain there is also a special place barbrque, hotels, supermarkets and cafes scattered around the coast. In this place there is a lighthouse tower and the Zenhai Park, with a large statue of Kwan Yin Goddess in front of the park is popular as a place to take pictures.

5. Hong Kong Disneyland

World's most popular tourist attraction in Hong Kong. You can visit: Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, Adventureland, Main Street USA, the show & Disney Lion King 3D and other children's games. Tourism is suitable for children under 12 years of fun with the family. You can also take pictures with some of your favorite cartoon character.

6. Ngong Ping 360, Lantau Island of Hong Kong

The most beautiful tourist areas as well as thrilling, you are invited to the Cable Car up the beauty of Lantau Island, from the height you can see the Hong Kong Airport beside you. Asia's longest cable car takes you to the highest mountain peak on Lantau Island where stood the magnificence of the giant Buddha statue. This region there is a village, monastery and temple that was one of the must-see sights.