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Top Tourist Attractions In Poland

POLAND is a republic in Central Europe that interesting to be visited. Many tourist attractions to explore. If you decide to vacation in Poland, the following a little information about top tourist attractions in Poland that you must see:

1. Bieszczady mountains

Soft green mountains with traditional wooden churches is one of the most remote areas in Europe. Amazing wildlife and beautiful scenery make it an ideal tourist destination. Bieszczady is the most beautiful in the summer and autumn, while during winter they are inviting ski enthusiasts.

2. Czestochowa

Czestochowa is located in the heart of Krakowsko-Czestochowska Upland, an area characterized by beautiful Jurassic rocks. Czestochowa is usually associated with Jasna Gora Monastery, which is where Mary largest in the country. For most Poles it is an important pilgrimage destination and the main shrine of the Virgin Mary. The icon known as the Black Madonna of Czestochowa was crowned in 1656 as Queen and Protector of Poland credited with many miracles.

3. Gdansk (Danzig)


Located by the sea, Gdansk has a gentle climate and beautiful beaches. Exclusive architecture of the Old City, including the largest brick Gothic church in the world is undoubtedly worth exploring. Now the city's image was created by a complex history.

4. Krakow

There are many awesome tourist attractions in Krakow. In Krakow you can see a medieval cathedral, castle, Renaissance, Baroque churches, Art Nouveau theater and other monuments. Although the old city with various monuments and museums, the Krakow city is also the city that has been in contact with the modern lifestyle. There are a variety of bars, pubs, clubs and restaurants are always crowded with tourists.

5. Malbork (Marienburg)

Teutonic Knights conquered the pagan tribes of Prussia and moved their offices from Venice to Malbork on Nogat river, which is now northern Poland. A trace of their presence in this city is the stronghold of the red brick of an impressive 1274 on the banks of the river, which is the largest Gothic fortress in Europe.

6. Masurian lakes

Masuria is the number one for tourist destination to sailing in Poland. In addition to water sports and hanging around, you can explore the many historic sites. There is a palace in Reszel, Nidzica and Gizycko, stunning Baroque churches in Swieta Lipka and the Hitler's war headquarters in the woods near Ketrzyn.

7. Oswiecim (Auschwitz)

Town of Oswiecim is witness to a crime of which are caused by humans. During World War II in the largest Nazi extermination camp of about 1.5 million people death. a horrible exhibition in the former camp to make visitors rethink basic ideas of humanity and dignity.

8. Tatra mountains

Tatra mountains covered with snow all year long, sharp mountains, beautiful ponds, waterfalls and valleys make this place reputedly the most spectacular in Poland. the city of Zakopane at the foot of the mountains is recommended for those who love admiring the beautiful scenery and culture of native people.

9. Warsaw

Warsaw is Polish capital. Rebuilt after World War II practically from scratch. Warsaw is a big world with an east European flavor. Do not miss the beautiful Old Town, Royal Route, Chopin museum, several magnificent palace of the former Jewish ghetto.

10. Wroclaw (Breslau)

Wroclaw has a very large Old Town is built on several islands connected by over 100 bridges. A very complicated history, combining cultural influences from Germany, Bohemia, Austria and Poland, left its mark on Wroclaw's atmosphere. After World War II German population was expelled and replaced by Poles from Lwów (L'viv), which was within the Soviet Union.