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Victoria Butterfly Gardens, Fascinating Canada Tourist Attractions

Fill a vacation in Canada, would not be complete without a visit and play with a butterfly on the Victoria Butterfly Gardens. Sightseeing in the middle of the garden filled with various kinds of butterflies is not impossible. Butterfly Gardens in Victoria, Canada, tourists can realize the dream of walking in the garden is inhabited by thousands of butterflies from around the world.

Victoria Butterfly Gardens is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the area of ​​Victoria, Brentwood Bay, Canada. This location is notorious for having different types of butterflies are very pretty. There are 75 species of butterflies from around the world in Victoria Butterfly Gardens . Now almost reached 3,000 the total number of butterflies. This beautiful insect is one allowed to fly freely in the garden.

Every day many tourists both from inside or outside the country who come in and curious about the beauty of the room that has been transformed into this beautiful garden. All that is here made ​​very similar to the natural habitat of tropical nuances.

To maintain the effects of habitat, temperature, light, fog, air conditioning, and humidity-controlled room with a computer system. This is done so that the lives of butterflies and other animals is maintained.

Although, the butterfly in the garden is allowed to fly free of the regulars are not allowed to touch it. So, when the butterfly is perched on the visitor's body, should be allowed to fly alone.

Besides adorned with a beautiful butterfly, Butterfly Gardens garden design is also not less interesting. This garden also covered 200 species of tropical plants and is equipped with a cascading waterfall in the middle of the garden. Gurgling sound of a waterfall that falls into a pool add to the cool atmosphere in this room.

In the Butterfly Gardens, travelers will also be invited to see how to breed butterflies from the caterpillar, chrysalis, until it grows into a butterfly. To see this section, Butterfly Gardens provides a special room.

During the tour travelers will be accompanied by a tour guide. Not only that, at the Victoria Butterfly Gardens, travelers will also find many kinds of tropical birds and fish that fill the koi pond waterfall.