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Visit The Dubai Mall Popular Dubai Tourist Attractions

How does it feel to be in a mall covering an area of ​​50 football fields? If you want to feel it, go to The Dubai Mall in Dubai. This is the largest mall in the world with more than 1,200 stores operating in it. The Dubai Mall opened to the public in late 2008 and able to absorb more than 30 million visitors annually. An amount that was fantastic.

Because of the breadth, the mall is more accurately described as the city itself. In short, what we want to do everything available in one room. Besides having that stores numerous wonderful, The Dubai Mall also has a cinema complex with 22 screens, children's playgrounds, health clinics and salons, restaurants, Olympic-standard ice skating arena, the world's largest aquarium, artificial waterfalls, complexes of gold shops, and many more.

Do not ever expect to see the whole part of The Dubai Mall is only a single visit. If you only spend half an hour in each store, then you need at least 25 hours nonstop just to browse the stores, amounting to one thousand more.

If the time you have a very short time, prioritize places that are very interesting. If you forget time, you might miss the plane. Well, what are the most interesting objects that can be seen at The Dubai Mall. Check out this short guide.

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo
Want to see the underwater life through a giant aquarium? No need to go all the way, while a walk at The Dubai Mall, you can watch it for free! The Aquarium also has a glass tunnel where visitors can see the animals closer to the sea. The glass entrance to the tunnel is not free.

For those who have enough guts, there is shark diving program. Visitors included in the iron cage plunged into the aquarium. Function of this cage to protect divers from shark bites.

Dubai Ice Rink
No need to go to the Olympics to see a giant skating rink at Dubai Mall because it is also available. Arena ice rink at Dubai Mall is the first ice rink Olympic standard in the Middle East. Dubai Ice Rink has a 1.5-inch-thick ice pads, exactly the same as used by Olympic athletes. If not proficient with shoes sliding ice, there is special sessions for beginners.

Oasis Fountain Waterfall
This artificial waterfall with a height of 30 meters in diameter of 24 meters. It is the largest artificial waterfall that was in the mall. Location of this waterfall at the Dubai Mall is filled with cafes and restaurants.

With the broad reach 10 thousand square meters, Candylicious is the largest candy store in the world. The location is right in front of the Dubai Aquarium and highly visible because of candy colors are vibrant. Various kinds of candy, sweets and chocolates available here. In addition, the store also sold a variety of unique cnderamata made ​​of candy and chocolate.

In addition to interesting places in the top, The Dubai Mall is located very close to the world's tallest building Burj Khalifa and the world's highest fountain in Dubai Fountain. So, with just one visit, you can instantly see all the spectacular attractions in Dubai.