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Visit Philip Island, Top Melbourne Tourist Attractions

Philip Island is one of the mainstay of the tourist attractions in the State of Victoria, Melbourne Australia and thousands boxed. Save a million tiny island charm for the visitors. If you use a boat, can be seen on the west by around a quarter circumference of Philips Island. On the left looks Philips Island, while on the right stretch of open sea blue colored.

Philips Island is one place that you may not forget if a visit to the State of Victoria, Australia. Island covering approximately 1805 hectares were achieved approximately 90 minutes drive from Melbourne, the capital of Victoria. The place offers a number of tourist charm, from the surf, watch the penguin parade, to see hundreds of seals in their habitat.

A Coast Wildlife ship will wait for your next trip. The white-painted ship will bring you to see the habitat of seals. When he reached the goal, about 30 minutes later, the landscape changed when we arrived at a location that was home to seals. Especially when the ship approached, only about one meter from the lip of rock into their homes.

You can clearly see the seal colony. Partial sleep lazy and some are run after the swim in the sea. The smell of feces and urine smell sting. The voice sounded peculiar seals shouted.

Beside to the major tourist attraction of Penguin Parade, there is a wildlife park where wallabies and kangaroos roam freely amongst the visitors and can be fed by hand. The southern and western coasts of the island lie within the Phillip Island Important Bird Area, so identified by BirdLife International because of its importance in supporting significant populations of Little Penguins, Short-tailed Shearwaters and Pacific Gulls. Seal Rocks, at the western end of the island, hosts the largest colony of fur seals in Australia.