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10 Best Tourist Attractions In Vienna, Austria

There are many classic places and beautiful tourist attractions in Vienna, Austria from old buildings, museums, churches, palaces, until the hangout places and eat place. At least two days to can explore the beauties of it. Vienna, known as a desirable tourist destination of many people. As one of the old city in Europe, Vienna has interesting objects and has a high cultural value.

Here are the best tourist attractions in Vienna you must visit:

1. Stephansdom (St.Stephen 's Cathedral)

It is a Gothic-style church located in downtown Vienna. Best known for its architecture as the highest point of the south tower of the cathedral constructed over 65 years, from 1368 until 1433.

2. Ringstrasse, or Ring Boulevard

This is a road that has been made ​​since 1857 by order of Emperor Francis Joseph who wants the old city walls torn down to create a comfortable atmosphere of the imperial city. Horseshoe-shaped, Ringstrasse surrounding the city center, roads, trails, 4 rows of white flowering chestnut trees and ends at the Donaukanal.

3. Karntner Strasse

This is a shopping center and sightseeing, stretching from the town square in front of the cathedral Stephansdom Stephenplatz, united with the Ringstrasse near the Wiener Staatsoper (Vienna Opera House), through the Hotel Sacher that famous for its typical Wien chocolate cake, Sachertorte.

4. Hofburg palace

This is an imperial palace located behind the Heldenplatz. Since the 13th century to 19, the building is always expanding. This is a complex of buildings which include the state apartments in which the president of Austria conduct a formal reception, Federal Chancellor of Austria building, hall Spanische Hofreitschule (Spanish Riding School) where the course of performing Lipizzaner horses, and the Österreichische Nationalbibliothek (ONB, the National Library of Austria) which was designed by Joseph Fischer von Erlach and his son Johann in early 1700.

5. Palais Augarten

The palace building was built in the 18th century, used as a school of Wiener Sängerknaben or Vienna Boys Choir, choir group Austria in 1948.

6. Justizpalast, (Justice Palace)

This is the Supreme Court and Parliament buildings Austria. Built from 1875 until 1881 by the initiative of Alexander von Monteforte Wielemans Neorenaissance style.

7. Rathaus or City Hall

The town hall was built in the same year with Justizpalast. The mayor of Vienna who played also as a provincial governor of Wien live here.

8. Belvedere palace

This is a grand palace of Prince Eugene of Savoy (1663-1736) Baroque style. The complex consists of the Lower Belvedere (Belvedere Unteres) and Upper Belvedere (Belvedere Oberes). Inside are the buildings that serves as a museum or gallery. The palace was completed with carvings, gates, garden, Orangerie (orange groves) and a large pool. Lower Belvedere began to be constructed from 1712 until 1718 and the Lower Belvedere was built in 1717 and completed in 1723.

9. Schloss Schönbrunn, or Schönbrunn Palace

The Palace located in the hills of southwestern Wien Rococo style, designed by Fischer von Erlach and completed its construction in 1713 as a summer residence of the imperial family. A total of 45 of the 1441 rooms opened to the public. Francis Joseph-style private rooms Spartan (simple and not fancy), but other rooms are very luxurious like the Room of Millions with Rococo style and oriental decoration. Views of the city and the river can be enjoyed from the terrace and garden. In 1996, the palace was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

10. Lainzer Tiergarten

This is a wildlife sanctuary located in the Wienerwald. Its history began in 1561, when the region was opened by Caesar Ferdinand I as a place to hunt for the imperial family of Austria. Here is home to thousands of wild animals like wild boar, spotted deer, red deer, birds and wild goats.