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5 Best National Parks for camping in the USA

You want to feel how the atmosphere of camping in the United States? Before you drop the option, the following five best location to set up a tent and camping while enjoying the beauty of nature in the USA

1. Camping at the beach: Assateague Island, Maryland

Here you can just feel the sand beneath your feet and under your sleeping bag when you set up a tent. Campsites only steps from the water where you can spend the day for swimming, fishing, collect shells or just relax on the sand. Although the park is located between Maryland and Virginia, camping can only be done at Maryland. You can park your car right next to the tent.

2. Camping in the countryside: Glacier National Park, Montana

Towering mountains and mountain lakes that make up acres of this park will leave you amazed. Interior region facilitated the camp area to set up a tent, toilet, and a place to store food. Camping in the countryside requires serious preparation, including the first license application, weather forecasts, stock bottled water clean, and how to secure food from wildlife.

3. Camping in the forest: Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

Famous for its rocky spiers towering known as hoodoos. Height to create three unique forest. There are two camp sites in the park, Sunrise and Sunset Campground. At least there are 100 campsites, and 20 of them can be booked in advance.

4. Camping by car: Yosemite National Park, California

Is the best option for campers to use the car for those who do not want to leave all the comforts of home. The park has 10 camp sites with sufficient space to park a recreational vehicle (RV) or trailer. Bathroom facilities are available, where the fire pit and food locker. In the month of September - April often filled with tourists.

5. Camping in an isolated location: Voyageurs National Park, Minnesota

If you are looking for a remote camp here might be your place. But you need a personal watercraft to access the camp, 200. Each site is equipped with a food locker, where the fire pit, and picnic tables so you can enjoy dinner under the stars. Make sure you bring everything needed for there is no nearby store to buy supplies. There was no charge and reservations. Reservation only applies to the second major area for the group. But you still need permission to spend the night.