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5 Best Tourist Attractions In Toronto, Canada

Vacation in Toronto, Canada will give you incredible multicultural experience. Many tourist attractions you can visit in this charming city. Toronto is a metropolitan city rich in charming and artistic elements. theater, music, art, museums, upscale restaurants and shops blend beautifully in Toronto. Panorama of Lake Ontario is also an added value for tourists.

Here are the best tourist attractions in Toronto you must visit:

1. The CN Tower

CN tower is one of the wonders of technology in the world located in the heart of Toronto - Canada. Building height 553.33 meters (including antenna). Approximately 2 million visitors per year visit the tower. Besides enjoying the views of the city of Toronto, they also can enjoy a glass floor that allows to see the road underneath it, eat at an altitude of 350 meters because there are 360 revolving restaurant and see a movie about the construction of this building. In the tower there are also transmitting equipment, night club and observation deck.

2. Casa Loma

Casa Loma is a castle belonging to Sir. Henry M. Pellat, people are very influential on the industry and the military in the Toronto, who in 1911 worked with an architect established a palace at the foot of the hill, which overlooks the city of Toronto.

3. Thousand Islands

Thousand Islands is a small island located in the region of Lake Ontario, located east of Toronto and can be reached in about 2.5 hours journey by road. Thousand Islands located between the two countries of Canada and the United States, which is north of the state of New York and on the other side of the southern province of Ontario. Thousand Islands is surrounded by Lake Ontario, the Adirondack Mountains, and the Lawrence River which flows from Lake Ontario. The total number of islands were estimated to be about 1800 islands.

4. Toronto Island Park

To go to Toronto Island Park should use a ferry that leaves every half hour, from the hours of 6:30 am until 11:45 pm. From this island can be seen views of downtown Toronto that amazing. In addition the island is also a suitable location for a picnic. Other attractions include surround island by bicycle and enjoy the surrounding scenery.

5. Royal Ontario Museum

Royal Ontario Museum, is the largest museum in Canada with the pavilion that includes Dinosaurs, Egypt and Nubia and the collection of antiques from China.