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5 Best Tourist Attractions in Queensland Australia

Let's visit Queensland Australia. Queensland is rich in natural beauty and pleasant tourist attractions as a gateway to experience could not to be missed in Australia. In queensland you can explore the stunning Gold Coast, feel the sand skiing, at Tangalooma, or diving, enjoy the underwater beauty of the Great Barrier Reef, etc.

Here are the best tourist attractions in Queensland you must visit:

1. Gold Coast

Gold Coast Australia is a modern city with gleaming high-rise buildings, built around a magnificent beach, which include "Surfer Paradise" world famous. Gold Coast is also a gate of the best natural tourist destinations in Queensland. Lots of fun things to do in the Gold Coast like to have fun on the sand or in a variety of world-class nightclubs in Surfers Paradise. Then explore the rainforest of World Heritage in Gold Coast hinterland, where you can swim in rock pools where the water is crystal clear. You can not miss the themed tourist destination famous in Gold Coast. See a show of dolphins and sea lions at Sea World, the sled up the world's tallest and fastest thrill of Dreamland, or plunge into a giant wave pool at Wet and Wild Water Park.

2. Brisbane

Many interesting things can be done in Brisbane, such as riding a bicycle under the mangrove trees and macadamia trees in the City Botanic Gardens or sliding on the street wearing floating roller blade. Then cruise across the river with a wooden steamer, looking directly pelicans and eastern water dragon. Relax or picnic under the palm trees in the gardens of the riverside area of ​​17 acres at the South Bank. If you are a fan of the culture, then explore the many art galleries and museums, watch the show instantly displayed by the Ballet, Opera or Orchestra Queensland or cutting-edge theater in the Powerhouse.

3. Great Barrier Reef 

According to the literature of the Great Barrier Reef comprises more than 2900 reefs and more than 900 islands stretching over 2600 kilometers located in the Coral Sea. This barrier reef is also one of the seven wonders of the natural world. Not too much to this place included in the list of World Heritage for its underwater beauty with unique fish and coral that looks very attractive. Visitors can also swim among the fish, for those who want to rent a bathing suit there provided. Sunglasses and snorkel equipment and duck feet for swimming are also available. Of course to preserve the nature of visitors should not throw garbage into the sea and take the rock to take home.

4. Tangalooma

Tangalooma is located on Moreton Island. From Brisbane, travel time required by sailing about 75 minutes. Sand skiing with a sled down the slopes of sand dunes is one of the attractions on offer for tourists visiting the tourist area of ​​Tangalooma on Moreton Island, Queensland. Another interesting experience at Tangalooma is feeding the dolphins, at around 18:45 local time. The other tourists lined up neatly in a row. They each hold a piece of fish to be given to the dolphins that have been on the edge of mainland. When the bait struck, we felt the wet touch of wild dolphins.

5. Townsville 

Do not miss the sunset at Townsville, which is impressive, scenic beach promenade and the cool evenings. You can ride a boat catamaran to Magnetic Island, where you can explore the national park, horseback riding along the beaches, unspoiled beaches, swim in secluded bays and snorkel in the coral reefs of different colors. Visit the natural attractions and Saunders Beach and Balgal highest steep waterfall in Australia, located in Wallaman.