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5 Major Tourist Attractions In Berlin

Berlin is one of the city that famous for elegant romantic, characterized magnificent buildings. Starting from a variety of museums building, art galleries, clubs, and restaurants that will satisfy you. Here are 10 tourist attractions that you must visit when you vacation in Berlin:

1. Brandenburger Tor

Brandenburger Tor or Brandenburg gate. Look at the full splendor of this gate from the west. This place is like a silent witness to the unification of Germany that is separated due to the country's defeat in World War II. All people abound in this place on the night of October 3, 1989. It at once became that ideal place to start around the streets of Berlin.

2. Pergamon Museum

One of tourist attractions that you must visit in Berlin is the Pergamon Museum. The museum is an Aladdin's cave of treasures containing ancient nature. In a large complex, specially constructed in Museumsinsel (Museum Island) in 1930, the museum has lots of classical sculpture and artistic monuments of Greece, Rome, Babylon and the Middle East that can amaze and inspire you.

3. Schloss Charlottenburg palace

A beautiful luxurious palace, Schloss Charlottenburg evoke the splendor of the Prussian kingdom in ancient times. Visiting this museum is more fitting if you are on vacation in Berlin when it was summer. Why? Due to the summer palace, you can double your vacation excitement by holding sunbathing sessions or a picnic in the lush palace gardens.

4. Shopping in Scheunenviertel

For those of you that love shopping, you should not miss Scheunenviertel. Quiet atmosphere of a boutique row and presenting a variety of stylish products are present in this place.

5. Reichstag

By being in the Reichstag, you will get insight about the history of the city of Berlin. Reichstag is a stately old building that was designed Paul Wallot (1894) in which the German parliament, the Bundestag, approved the policy since 1999. The building was taken over by the Lord Norman Foster. But the framework of this building retained its authenticity. Only now the building has a glass dome and an elevator to access the whole building. In the 1980s, megastars including David Bowie, Pink Floyd and Michael Jackson is performing a concert in the yard of Reichstag.