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5 Top Tourist Attractions in Marrakech

Marrakech, Morocco is known as the City of Gold, many interesting tourist attractions in this exotic city, this city also called Al Hamra or the Red and the city is situated at the foot of the Atlas mountains where there is permanent snow on top.

Marrakech was once the capital of Morocco at past time, and until now become one of the major tourist attractions in Morocco. Origin people said the city's name probably comes from the Berber language Murakuch which means land of the Gods.

Here are top tourist attractions in Marrakech:

1. Jemaa Al Fina

The square is not famous for its beauty, but rather as a continually busy from noon until midnight. Throughout the day, many people do the show, music, dance, magic and other shops to be used in the opening night. From this square there are many entrances to the traditional markets called Souq. Also as there are many downtown cafes to watch the pulse of life kopta.

2. Kutubia Mosque

Built with style and mix of Almohad Andalusia, the mosque with 77 meter high tower that still form the main purpose of our visit to Marrakech. About a masijd park was built to complete the beauty. According to the story of this mosque was built with a mixture of stone and so the scent of musk oil can still be felt today.

3. Al Bahia Palace

Al Bahia Palace a place which should also be visited in Marrakech. Built in the late 19th century by Abu Ahmed to bring artists from Fez and is designed as the largest palace in those days. The palace was built as a comfortable place for summer and winter. Three main elements are dominant, are sandalwood, lazuli and marble

4. Saadian Tomb

One other interesting places is the tomb of Saadi complex. Located amid the old town or Medinnah, is the cemetery of the 16th century. Starting from the Sultan Ahmad I al-Mansur. Tomb complex was discovered in 1917 after hundreds of years of time is swallowed. Because of the beautiful decorations of this tomb became a tourist attraction that should not be missed if you been to Marrakech. Teridi tomb complex of about 60 members of the Saadi dynasty.

5. Marrakech Night Market

At night, the backpackers from different countries flooded in Marrakech Night Market. Enjoy the local culinary.