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7 Birmingham Tourist Attractions

Birmingham is not less interesting than the London and Manchester. The town is located between London and Manchester is rich in historic old buildings, with charming architecture. Amazingly, many older buildings are in good condition and very well maintained. If you are interested to visit Birmingham, Here are Birmingham tourist attractions you can visit:

1. Victoria Square

Victoria Square is a square in Birmingham city center, surrounded by old buildings with beautiful architecture. Three buildings are very prominent and has always been a tourist attraction photo is Council House, Town Hall, and the Old Post Office. These three old buildings, the architectural styles vary. Council House with Victorian, Georgian style Town Hall and the Old Post Office in Renaissance style. Formerly, Victoria Square was named Council House Square. On January 10, 1901, Victoria Square was renamed to honor Queen Victoria.

2. Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

Museum and Art Gallery are in Chamberlain Square, behind the Council House. The museum contains a collection of various objects of art, history, archeology, and ethnography of the five continents, ranging from painting, sculpture, to ceramics. The number of total collection of about 500,000 objects / items. The collection of objects arranged / displayed with a very attractive that makes visitors stand for long in it.

3. Victoria Law Courts

Building form that is unique, interesting architecture, and the bright red color, makes this building stand out and are easy to find. Victoria Law Court is an old building over 100 years old. Tourist / visitor can not enter into the Victoria Law Courts. We can only admire the beauty of the building from outside.

4. Jewellery Quarter

Jewellery Quarter is an area sales center gold jewelry, silver, diamonds and diamonds in Birmingham. There are approximately 800 businesses that opened jewelry stores and galleries there. For lovers of jewelery, Jewellery Quarter is a paradise. You can buy various types of jewelry with interesting models. In fact you can order jewelry with a model according to your wishes.

5. Bull Ring Shopping Center

Bull Ring Shopping Center is a modern shopping center (mall) in Birmingham. Bull Ring Shopping Center building is very different from the other buildings in Birmingham, most of which is an old building made ​​of red brick. Bull Ring Shopping Center occupies a new building with modern architecture is very unique, with the dominant color of silver. No doubt, the Bull Ring Shopping Center had become one of the newest landmark Birmingham.

6. St. Martin's Church

Church of St. Martin's Church was built in 1873 - 1875 by architect named Victoria J. A. Chatwin. Church of St. Martin is very easy to recognize because of the towering steeple. Interestingly, the church tower was built earlier than the church of St. Martin itself, namely in 1850. The church is open to the public from Tuesday - Saturday, from 09.00 - 18.00.

7. Bull Ring Market

These traditional markets provide a variety of daily needs of food such as meat, chicken, fish, eggs, milk, fruits, and vegetables. Prices of goods in the Bull Ring Market is very cheap.