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7 Interesting Las Vegas Tourist Attractions

Nightclubs and the casino can not be separated from the identity of the city of Las Vegas. In this city all the fanfare and excitement you can get. But in Las Vegas is not just a club, bar, or casino it can be visited. Here also there are some interesting tourist attractions that pity if passed. Here are 7 interesting tourist attractions and free of charge in Las Vegas.

1. The Wynn Conservatory

Beautiful mosaic floor with a variety of beautiful colors and image become one of the main attractions of this place. Not only that, beautiful flower arrangements with a variety of shapes that complement the unique changes The Wynn Conservatory. Every day, many visitors who come just to take pictures, relax, or just a walk.

2. Hard Rock Hotel and Casino

For fans of rock and roll, can get a tremendous thrill when positioned at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. Here you will dissolve in the collection of relics of the legendary singers of the world. Clothes of Madonna, Ramones leather jacket, motorcycle personnel belonging Guns N'Roses and Motley Crue, and autographed guitar and a few other collections owned by the Beatles became the most ornate and stunning collection.

3. Circus performances at Circus Hotel

It is impossible when the hotel in Las Vegas offer things for free! But, at this hotel you can watch the circus show without paying. However, the circus is only running for 10 minutes by the time the show from 23:00 pm - midnight.

4. The animals of the island and at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino

This location is one of the best places for free and can be visited, especially for animal lovers. Rivers, soil, and waterfalls into a unique backdrop behind the frenetic hotel. Make no mistake, turtles, koi fish, geese, ducks, and penguins become loyal inhabitants of this island.

5. TI Sirens show at Treasure Island Hotel and Casino

TI Sirens live shows hosted by The Treasure Island Hotel can be pulled free event can be visited during his stay in Las Vegas. In the TI Sirens show, music, acrobatic movements, fireworks, dancers and sexy to be a very festive treats nan spectacular event.

6. Mount Volcano at The Mirage Resot and Casino

Be the first and oldest in Las Vegas! Manmade volcano becomes a very attractive sight. Since 1989, every night of the 54-foot-high volcano is always spewing fire and smoke and lava flowing on each side.

7. Attractions in Bellagio Fountain

One else can steal the show, interesting, spectacular, and free in Las Vegas, the movement of a set of beautiful and funny at the Bellagio fountains. This fountain is located in front of a giant man-made lake in Las Vegas. The fountain is always dancing to the music with a very attractive.

So, been to Las Vegas does not mean having to spend money to enjoy a show. Here there are still many places that can be enjoyed without spending any money.