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9 Best Tourist Attractions in Vina del Mar, Chile

Vina del Mar is one of the most popular resort in Chile, which offers beautiful beaches with friendly locals as tourists. What are the interesting sights of this destination?

Regions Vine del Mar is situated on the coast of the Pacific Ocean just a few miles to the north of Valparaiso. In addition to superb beach, there are also several museums, cultural attractions and historical buildings. You'll even find an old castle. Here are some of the best tourist attractions when you visit the Vina del Mar, Chili:

1. Playa del Sol

Playa del Sol is a soft sandy beach and one of the most beautiful in Chile. The place is located next to the Pacific Ocean, on the outskirts of Vina del Mar travel. The beach is ideal for hiking and biking to walk along the beach.

2. Castillo Wulff

Castillo Wulff was originally established in memory of Gustavo Wulff in 1880. Over the years, Wulff made ​​some changes to the castle and now has some impressive towers. This place offers spectacular views over the Pacific Ocean and the inside of the castle has a collection of art that is constantly changing.

3. Playa Renaca

Playa Renaca is one of the suburbs north of Vina del Mar travel. This is a summer tourist destination popular with many restaurant and hotel offers to the tourists.

4. Museo Francisco Fonck

Museo Francisco Fonck offer a collection that focuses on Easter Island, and some interesting cultural rituals. In addition, the museum also displays objects related to the history of Chile. There is also derived from the Moai of Easter Island, located in the park museum.

5. Museum of Bellas Artes (Fine Arts Museum)

Fine Arts Museum is known locally as the Museum of Bellas Artes. In this museum there are 16 features a wide selection of art works of the century who came from Italy through the ages until the 20th century. There are also lots of local artwork.

6. Museo Palacio Rioja

The museum is located at the former family residence Rioja. This allows visitors to get an authentic look at how life in the area for the rich during the 1900s. There are household items and furniture on display, most of the directly imported from Europe.

7. Artequin Museum

Artequín Museum is one of the newest attractions of the city, which opened for business in 2008. The museum has an interesting collection for those who view it from different ages. There are also some wonderful interactive collection that allows visitors to participate in the demonstration as well as some impressive reproduction of famous works of arts.

8. Caleta Abarca

Caleta Abarca beautiful is known as one of the many goals in Vina del Mar travel. This beach is located near the city center making it very easy to reach by foot. There are also some beautiful parks and in the summer, this place is pretty crowded.

9. Parque Quinta Vergara

Parque Quinta Vergara is a remarkable green space with the beauty of the place; colorful flowers as well as lanes for walkers. Inside the park you will find fantastic Vergara Palace, which houses the Museum of Fine Arts historic.