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Let's Cycling Along the Danube River In Austria

Austria is filled with beautiful natural scenery with the fresh air. This is one country that can satisfy the desires of the lovers of cycling activities. A beautiful place in Austria that should be explored by bike is the banks of the Danube River is the longest river in the European Union.

With the road through the fruit garden and vineyard and fairy tale villages overlooking the River Danube, the Wachau is the best that can be explored by bicycle. Pedal your bike and stopped to see the UNESCO World Heritage site Gruener Veltliner white wine, sweet cake and a trip to the ruins of a castle, where Richard the Lionheart held.

Great place to start your tour by bicycle is Mautern village, about 50 kilometers west of Vienna. The village boasts a museum of Roman history and also home to one of the best restaurants in the country. Family restaurant that run by Landhaus Bacher offers delicious dishes from local produce but costly. You can choose marillenknoedel menu, a traditional food sprinkled with bread crumbs and sugar. Instead of paying over 250 Euros for a program with wine dinner for two, you better order it at lunch because the prices will be more affordable, which is about 100 Euro.

The journey continues, when already crossed the bridge from Mautern, you'll soon find Duernstein a romantic village, with cobblestone streets and blue a church spire. In this church King Richard the Lionheart was imprisoned during the December 1192-March 1193. Centuries later, the ruins where he was held can still be explored.

The lesson of history is complete, you will then down the hill towards the Christian Loidl Wachauer Bauernladen store in Weissenkirchen. Here, you can find household products such as jams, pasta, apricot nectar and, of course, wine.

Furthermore, the journey continued to Willendorf village, where you will see exciting sculpture from the Paleolithic era were found over a hundred years ago. Here, you can take pictures while enjoying the beauty of the River Danube.

Sweeteners steep climb up to about half of the trip was an amazing view of the Melk Abbey with structure contains a church, museums, and libraries on the other side of the Danube. This bike path will certainly provide the experience and challenge for you. With beautiful scenery bonus, paddling trips will be fun.

Wachau region itself, refers to the stretch between Krems and Melk. The trip from Vienna to Krems takes about an hour. To arrive and leave Krems regularly from the city railway station Franz Josefs, you can check the schedule in