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See The Merlion Statue One Of Popular Singapore Tourist Attractions

Not complete when comes to Singapore without visit to the country's icon, the Merlion statue. Merlion which in Malay means 'sea lion' is a tourist spot that must be visited by foreign tourist who was enjoying the atmosphere of Singapore.

This statue is located at Merlion Park. The symbol of Singapore is standing firm on the banks of Singapore River, near Fullerton Hotel. Inevitably, his presence also gives spectacular views, both during the day or night. However, the ideal time to visit the Merlion Park is around 5 pm local time. Moment it is also ideal for those who want to capture view of Singapore's Merlion.

Not only you, at that time would will be a lot families and couples also enjoy the colorful sights of Singapore which is characterized by the highest skyscraper hotel, Marina Bay Sands, with a beautiful light show as the sunset.

Furthermore, it will be more amazing when dark. The area around the bridge overlooking the Merlion Anderson will look beautiful at night. The tourists will usually take pictures, both photos and video with their families. As you walk to the other side, you will find a range of restaurants and cafes by the river. This provides a chance for tourists to taste the culinary for a while enjoying views of the river that seemed romantic at night.

In the ranks of the restaurant, you have to taste some local cuisine. Although similar to the typical culinary country, there are some things that are unique here. Suppose that the unique presentation of coffee, there are also rich in butter, and a typical Singapore laksa. You will also be entertained by musicians who appeared on the banks of the river. All that comes with views of cool water that flows out of the Merlion.

So, Are you interested? Let's go to Singapore.