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Things To Do In Kiev, Ukraine

Kiev, the capital of Ukraine had its own charm to attract tourists with the nuances of a typical antique cities of Eastern Europe. Cities with an average temperature of 21 degrees Celsius during the summer has a population of about 4 million inhabitants. As a country in eastern Europe, Ukraine Cyrillic languages​​, like that used Russia.

Slightly greater effort is needed to vacation here for speech and language problems as well written. It is better to buy Ukrainian Cyrillic-English dictionary to facilitate your exploration here. Do not forget to buy a map that outlines the English language in it.

Fortunately, the local community is quite friendly so you can ask for help without fear of no avail. Even so, there are some rules you should know, talking too loudly, pointing at the person and the dress too skimpy is not allowed here.

Things To Do in Kiev, Ukraine

In the religion and culture, Kiev today is the result of the formation of a mixture of Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. It is not directly impact on the development of existing buildings in the city. Mughal style of architecture seen in many of this city. The building with the dome looks pretty much the end of the city.

For example, St Sophia's Cathedral in Kiev Oblast there. The oldest cathedral in Kiev has a roof that could be considered unique. White building with a green dome is equipped with a gold top with a cross on top. The building is similar to the St Sophia's is the Cathedral of St. Michael's Golden-domed cupola which is famous for its golden color.

Other buildings must not be missed to visit Kiev Pechersk Lavra is. As one of the oldest and most important building in Ukraine, this building is very well maintained. White building with golden dome has a very strong historical value. There are things to consider when visiting a place like this. Women should wear headgear and must wear long skirts, no shorts allowed.

When the weather is sunny, try to spend time on the road Khreshcatyk. The roads in the region while enjoying the scenery around, able to fill your afternoon. On weekends, this road will be more crowded than usual. Sitting casually on a park bench while menontoni busy or read a book while enjoying the warm sun is also fun.

The old town full of rest is history also has a beautiful beach. Spend the day on the island and enjoy the atmosphere of a typical Hidropark a calm beach. Currently this area is busiest during the summer course. Sunbathing and playing on the beach become a favorite activity of tourists who come here.