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Top Tourist Attractions In Cairo, Egypt

Cairo, the city's rich history of world civilization. A fascinating culture, the Suez Canal, to the roar of the Nile entertainment throughout the night. Many tourist attractions can be explored when you visit Cairo. Here are the top tourist attractions in Cairo, Egypt:

1. Pyramids of Giza

Egypt has not been to see the Pyramids otherwise lawful. Symbols Egyptian tombs of the kings is indeed only one of the world. Largest pyramid complex at Giza Pyramids Cairo is. This complex consists of three large pyramids and a small pyramid, and one of the Spinx is located at the front. As if the statue is keeping spinx pyramids which are the tombs of the Pharaohs.

2. Bazar Khan El Kholili

In Cairo, where tourists like to shop cheaply in the form of goods typical of Egypt or the Middle East, do not miss visiting the Khan El Kholili. The atmosphere of the bazaar from 11:00 noon until 3:00 o'clock in the morning still visited by tourists. In addition to souvenir shops, there is also plenty of restaurants with varied menus. Merchants of different foods and traditional Egyptian drinks can also be found here. When visiting this bazaar we need to be vigilant in the shop because the price will initially be high, but half the price negotiable.

3. Saladin Castle

One of the amazing sights in the city of Cairo is Saladin Castle. In the middle of the castle there is a mosque called the Mosque of Muhammad Ali who stood firmly on top of a hill. The fortress was founded hundreds of years ago it was on high land. From a distance, visible spiers towering and majestic dome.

4. Nile River

The fame of the Nile is not just a legend. River which flows through four countries said it splits the City of Cairo and became one of the attraction of foreign tourists. Since ancient times, along the Nile led to the crowd as a central activity of the citizens of Cairo. To date have established a five-star hotels, skyscrapers, and a floating restaurant that serves a variety of unique attractions of Egypt and prime tourist spot in Egypt.