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Visit Bondi Beach, Popular Sidney Tourist Attractions

Beaches not only as sun loungers for the tourists. Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia, have a fun way to attract tourists. Sculpture by the Sea is a sculpture exhibition held annually at this beach.

Beaches become one tourist attraction to come to a country or region. Sunbathing, surfing, snorkeling, and diving has become a common destination of tourists come to the beach.

Unlike the other beaches, many tourists who come to Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia, just to see the sculpture exhibition. Launched the official website of Sculpture by the Sea, is an annual sculpture exhibition held along the shores of Bondi Beach to Tamarama Beach.

In this exhibition, no less than 100 statues in various sizes and shapes will adorn along the beach. Quite often tourists who come to call it a beach art.

This unique sculpture exhibition opened in general, without charging a penny. The existence of various forms of sculpture the artist made ​​in Australia and other parts of the world, making it more attractive in the exhibition each year.

The materials used various kinds, such as wood, glass, porcelain, etc.. The size and shape became more diverse, such as skulls, bookcases, animals, and other unique form-bentu.

The plan, at this year's Sculpture by the Sea will be re-implemented. Indoor sculpture exhibition is held around October or November.

Although the sculpture exhibition is only on certain days, Bondi Beach still fun to visit every day. Yes, because the beach is located 7 kilometers from the Sydney city center is already very popular among foreign tourists and the citizens of Sydney.

Well, Bondi is also famous for its blue sea, white sand, and fun place to surf. Moreover, when summer comes Bondi Beach a favorite gathering of backpackers from around the world to perform various activities.

Not infrequently the tourists who come to Bondi Beach in Sydney during the holidays. Intend to watch the artist's masterpiece sculpture at Bondi Beach? Let spend time and money to get a vacation to Australia