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Visit Lavaux, Vineyard on the edge of Lake Geneva Switzerland

On the slopes of the Alps, Switzerland, precisely on the shores of Lake Geneva, you will find a city named Lausanne with a view of the beautiful Lavaux vineyards. The climate in this Lausanne city really offers ideal conditions for wine. The whole area around the Lausanne city is a patchwork of vineyards. Indisputably, the most beautiful among them there in the district of Lavaux, east of town.

Lavaux vineyards has been more than 800 years old, was first planted by the local monks. The whole area of ​​Lavaux vineyard has 830 hectares wide, shaped labyrinth of terraces that built on the steep hillsides.

Grape varieties that grown here are the Chasselas. Locals say that the wine is ripe here under the 'three sun' that is direct sunlight, light reflected from the surface of the lake and the hot rock that accumulated in the terraces. Being in this vineyard, you will get a beautiful view of the lake with a frame on the other side of the Alps.

Lavaux is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since July 2007. It offers good chance for hiking and bike tours. A jazz festival in the village of Cully is the best time to taste the wine.

To reach the Lavaux vineyards, you can take the train to Vevey or Montreux area and stopped in Cully or Rivaz. From here the journey can continue use the bike by following 1 route from Lausanne Ouchy or the Route de la Corniche. Or you can walk away on a tour that starts from the Chateau d'Ouchy (Lausanne) to the Chateau de Chillion (Montreux).