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Visit Meeru Island, Romantic Attractions in Maldives

Meeru Island, one of the islands in the Maldives could be the choice of a romantic getaway with your partner. Lovely panoramic sea became the most intimate setting for a weekend with your partner.

Who does not know the Maldives? Group of islands are formed from a collection of coral islands surrounding a lagoon in the Indian Ocean. Country in southwest Sri Lanka is indeed famous for its resorts and charming islands. One of them is the star of the pair is the Meeru Island.

What To Do In Meeru Island, Maldives:

Meeru Island is the most fitting place for you and your partner. The island is located in the north of Male is the day promises a romantic atmosphere.

Well, Meeru Island offers a variety of lodging facilities for travelers there. On this island has about 286 villas. The location and the spot has to offer from every villa is also different, there is lodging in the island and some are providing warmth in the waters atsa Meeru Island.

The landscape of white sand side by side with crystal clear sea water would be a "space" is fun. Green lined with thick trees into beautiful wallpapers in the "space" of this nature. You can also invite the couple to enjoy the atmosphere on the boat.

When relaxing, waves of the sea was relatively calm as a free show of nature. The wind was blowing gently into the natural layer stiap Meeru. These swings pretty the trees look like Samba dancers. Waves, wind, trees, and movement together in a beautiful natural bandage on Meeru Islad.

Private spending the night together above the waves Water Villa, will make your evening even more perfect. Before, continues in a more private sessions, dinner on the terrace of the villa into a romantic opening night on the ground Maldives.

The twinkling lights of each villa and a gentle sea breeze was always accompany your dinner. All you need to know, at the resorts Meeru Island is known as an excellent venue for travelers.

If lucky, the light of the moon and the stars sparkle in the sky will also be decorating at dinner. When dinner was over, warm kisses will cover you for a romantic dinner with your partner. Many things you can do with a partner to do while vacationing in Meeru. Diving, snorkeling, trekking to explore the island or do a little cruise around the island can be a fun activity at Meeru. Come on, give special attention and realize the most beautiful weekend for your partner at Meeru Island.