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10 Beautiful Beaches In New Zealand You Must Visit

New Zealand's world renowned for its beautiful natural environment, especially the beaches. There are many exciting activities for thrill seekers and adventurers. New Zealand has a captivating view of nature and the a variety of attractions that unfortunately missed. If you are interested in visiting this country, the following top ten beaches in New Zealand:

1. Piha Beach, West Auckland

Piha Beach, West Auckland is one of the most popular beaches or 'vacation spot' favorite for the Aucklanders, The New Zealanders and international travelers as well. Of course! This place is so close to Auckland and Auckland Airport.

Piha coast of New Zealand is a small coastal village located on a remote beach west of Auckland in the Waitakere Range. There are no hotels and no motel in Piha, but there was a warm pile of beautiful black sand.

2. Hot Water Beach, Coromandel Peninsula

New zealand hot water beach is not a secret anymore! This has been known throughout the world. Hot Water Beach is located along New Zealand's Pacific coast south of Mercury Bay on the northeastern tip of Coromandel Peninsula. Relatively easy to reach, and worth a visit.

Some of the volcanic hot water reservoir storing huge underground. Over time, this water will go to the surface - which makes the temperature is decreased during toward the surface. There are two slits in Hot Water Beach is a hot issue sekitari 64 º C (147 º F) at a rate of 15 liters / minute. This water contains large amounts of salt (NOT salt water), calcium, magnesium, potassium, fluorine, bromine and silica.

3. Karekare, West Auckland

Karekare, West Auckland beach is located 35 kilometers west of downtown Auckland, on the southern coast of larger than Piha. Karekare is a popular destination for Aucklanders in the summer. Nevertheless, this area still has a lot of natural beauty and isolation, and do not get a high number of visitors is recorded by the northern neighbors, partly because of narrow roads and only recently sealed. There are surf patrols in summer.

4. Kaiteriteri Beach, Nelson

Kaiteriteri Beach is one of the best beach holiday destinations in New Zealand, from the golden sands to the beautiful sparkling blue-green water, Kaiteriteri beach is a favorite place for New Zealanders and international tourists. Located in the Nelson / Tasman sights New Zealand, Kaiteriteri beach has the highest sunshine hours in New Zealand and the summers are long and bright clear winter holiday activities throughout the year inviting.

5. Whale Bay, Raglan

Whale Bay is situated on the coast between Mount Karioi and oceans, about 8km south of Raglan. Most of the area around Whale Bay is covered with forest trees native to the summit of Mount Karioi. Waves at Whale Bay, famous in the world, so invite a lot of surfers from around the world.

6. Mission Bay, Auckland

Mission Bay, is a sweet little beach with restaurants, cafes, cinemas and many people in the hot sunny weather. Usually there is always activity in the small park next to the beach like a festival, Open Days, sporting event or just an informal soccer game. The beach is safe for swimming and there is usually a kayak, bike, surfboard, etc.

7. New Chums Beach, Coromandel Peninsula


New Chums Beach is one of the best beaches can be found in New Zealand. Gold-colored sand and bordered by trees and native pohutukawa forest. Secluded beaches are very clean also has an amazing fish and shellfish. New Chums Beach, Coromandel Peninsula is located nine miles east of Coromandel town center.

8. Ocean Beach, Mount Maunganui

Ocean Beach is considered as a seaside resort town, although the Port of Tauranga public facilities, as well as some situated on the side of the (harbor) west. The beach is famous for good conditions for surfing, even though part of the famous beaches dangerous. Here there is the harbor bridge opened in 1988, connecting Mount Maunganui with Tauranga. Ocean Beach extends, to the south Papamoa, and offers exceptional beach resort - perfect for surfers and is accessible by foot from the main coastal road.

9. Wainui Beach, Gisborne


Wainui beaches surrounded by protected lands and reservations. The beach is popular with local surfers, and the wedding party. Wainui Surf Club area near Lifesaving is good for families.

10. Ninety Mile Beach, Northland

This place is a major tourist destination that offers a stunning beauty. With sand dunes reminiscent of a stretch of desert, extending from just west of Kaitaia to Cape Reinga, the northern tip of New Zealand. The best access to the long stretch of beach from the town of Ahipara at the southern most point of the coast. Follow Sandhill Road north with various points of access points along the way.