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10 Top Tourist City In USA You Must Visit

Plan on traveling to the United States (USA)? Has 50 states, making this country has a variety of interesting tourist attractions to visit. You might be hard to come one by one country or city in the USA in a single visit. For that reason, here the 10 cities attractions worth to visit in the USA,


Los Angeles, there's always something to do and go here. city ​​of celebrities are often abbreviated LA and nicknamed the city of anggels. By having something interesting to explore, an abundance of entertainment venues, plus a range of tempting shops wallet, making Los Angeles as a city that is very pleasant for the tourists, or celebrities.


Explore Washington DC with all there is to see and do in this city, known as the city government. Washington, DC has grown to become not only one of the most powerful city in the world, but also one of the most multi-cultural. Washington DC city offers many tourist sites that attract your attention. A variety of popular attractions from the monuments, museums, not to mention all the theaters, arts venues to stately architecture will take you on a seamless experience.


San Francisco, is the largest city in the state of California is located on the west coast of the United States. With a liberal society, ethnic and cultural diversity is strong, San Francisco has long been a magnet for tourists. Renowned as a popular tourist spot that has a wealth of attractions with beautiful views of hills and a cool summer fog.


New York is a city with a level of activity that never stops. New York is known as the "City that Never Sleeps", was greeted by a magnificent statue of Liberty as a landmark of this city made ​​famous in the world. New York offers everything a pleasure for you from places of interest, penalty fortune through gambling at Foxwood Casino, and Atlantic City are all available in this place


Many magnificent hotel that you can make the object image and casino to try your luck. The town is located in the middle of the Nevada desert is actually known as the entertainment hub of the world, while also still many places that can be visited. It's an amazing thing to see a city located in the desert can be glamorous and seemingly never slept.


Orlando is one of the largest cities in Florida's fastest-growing, Orlando oranges grown from agriculture into a major tourist destination. With a wide range of theme parks, including Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Orlando Resort, Orlando became a place of entertainment of interest to visit.


Anaheim is a city in California, located 45 kilometers southeast of Los Angeles. The town is famous for its amusement park and the football team is the tenth largest city in California. If you are interested in the arts and culture there are many options to explore the city of Anaheim, of the Performing Art Center to an amusement park Disneyland Park Anaheim's most popular. For those of you who are active, Anaheim also has more than 40 golf courses.


Boston is the capital of the state of Massachusetts Northeast region of the United States which is one of America's oldest cities and is currently the most expensive cities with economic and social history are rich. Known as a university town, the best educational centers in the United States. At Christmas, Boston became a place that is really magical, many trees in the city center with a glint of tens of thousands of dazzling lights.


The stunning beauty of Hawaii is able to attract many tourists from various countries. You can relax to relieve fatigue while enjoying panoramic views of the beach is so beautiful. The city became the best tourist destinations in the winter. Hawaii is perfect as a holiday destination with families and couples.


Phoenix is one of the simplest of many American cities. Warmth of the sun in Phoenix provides a lot of invited guests on vacation there. In addition, the city is surrounded by some wonderful museums, magnificent restaurants, as well as the atmosphere of the city that provides a variety of outdoor sports facilities.