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5 Best Macau Tourist Attractions You Must Visit

Grand casino, nightclub, combined with the atmosphere of the past colonial make Macau emerged as a major tourist center in Southeast Asia. Inevitably, the more number of tourists are attracted to visit, both domestic and foreign tourists.

With buildings that stand against a background of green hills, the island of Macau, which is located some 60 km from Hong Kong, offers a unique blend of natural landscape and architectural wonders. Many tourists are also fascinated by Macau. The main impression one gets is Macau is developing a contemporary tourist attractions, but still retain the history, especially its colonial heritage.

Here are the best Macau tourist attractions you must visit:

1. Senado Square

This area is witness to the history of Macau as an entry into western countries to China in the past. Almost in every corner of this field displays the architects of European-style buildings. Worth a visit in this area is the church of St. Dominic and the Holy House of Mercy. The latter represents the first institution that had the idea that the first western-style clinic in Macau. Among the old buildings, many shops and restaurants can be visited. With these old buildings, so this location is the best location for the shooting. If this field visit during the day, the sun is pretty hot. So, be prepared to bring an umbrella or sunglasses.

2. Ruins of St. Paul's

It is the ruins of St Paul's church, founded in 1602, which burned in 1835, leaving only the front of the building only. Ruins of St. Paul's is one of the icons of Macau. Here are often held events and performances. No entry fee and There is a stairs to climb up and see the view from above.

3. Macau tower

Macau tower is also known as' Macau Sky Tower. "The tower has a height of 338 meters from ground level to the highest point. Renowned for its observation deck where we can see all parts of Macao. Inside this tower, you can also find restaurants, theaters, shopping malls and the Skywalk X. The tourists can walk around the outside edge of this building

4. Guan Yin statue

Not far from the MGM Grand hotel and casino, there is a statue of Guan Yin statue is made ​​of bronze as high as 20 feet above the building shaped like a lotus bud. Resembling the Virgin Mary statue was designed by Portuguese artist, Christina Rocha Leiria. This statue is a bit away from the main island of Macau because it is built on a small artificial island and there is a long passage as a connector. On the left side of the statue, visible Macau scientific center featuring architects of the building that is not less unique.

5. Casino building

Although not like to gamble, a time to enter the casino building, and admiring the casino interior design in this former Portuguese colony. In addition to The Venetian Macau, there are some casinos that simply building eye-catching it from both outside and inside. For example the Grand Lisboa and MGM Grand, located at Avenida De Dr. Sun Yat Mon As the name implies, the theme of the interior of the building was themed film. Some parts of the park and the restaurant doubles as the filming location.

The best time to visit is between December and Macao in February. There are no direct flights to Macau, so tourists have to landed in Hong Kong after it continue by ferry or helicopter. Travel by helicopter only takes about 15 minutes.