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5 Cleanest Cities in USA You Must Visit

You want to go to several cities in the United States? One consideration is visiting the cities that arranged beautifully and cleanliness of the city occurred. Here are five cleanest cities in the United States:

1. Portland, Oregon

Arrangement of buildings in the city has a good plan, in which local government has established a group selected growth areas around urban centers. Territory that is in a circle made ​​of uneven urban development, while those in the outer region is filled with a more open and agricultural land. So that all citizens can enjoy the harvest together with good transportation access.

2. San Jose, California

The air here is clean. Almost every industry in San Jose set a high standard of cleanliness of the environment around them. The concern of the state of California that make strict rules about the use of carbon monoxide and diesel particulates in the air. San Jose is one of the city known as a clean, fresh air, and having a healthy lifestyle.

3. Buffalo, New York

With the help of environmental quality bonds and Superfund dollars, Buffalo has made great strides to clean up contaminated areas, including the old Bethlehem Steel buildings that located on the shores of Lake Erie. This state also oversees the Buffalo River cleanup is often visited by sailors and some fishermen. To address the waste, the government restructured the Buffalo to give awards to the winners who successful collect garbage. An armada consisting of 13 high-tech street sweepers were also deployed for 24 hours during a month in winter.

4. Columbus, Ohio

According to the latest census, the capital of Ohio is the only major city that has the largest population in the country. To that end, the local government has supported efforts to develop watershed area (watershed) is more effective.

It is also intended for disposal of waste and rain water can be drained properly. Neighborhood Pride program through the city, some residents each year also received attention in the form of tree trimming, graffiti reduction, bulk waste disposal and much more.

5. San Francisco

San Francisco has cleaner air than California. Municipality Environment Department has been trying to close the power plant at Hunter's Point and turn the federal EPA as a cleaning supervisor large ships there.

Meanwhile, San Francisco also promotes how to drive without having to air pollution. High technology is always applied to a variety of public transport in order to produce clean air. San Francisco is a city that is filled with various financial and business sectors are highly developed.