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5 Interesting Tourist Attractions In Kathmandu, Nepal

Kathmandu, an exotic city and many interesting tourist attractions at there. The capital of Nepal is indeed not a favorite destination of many people. In fact, this city is a city rich in tradition and the spiritual. Temples and shrines scattered is evidence of the genius of architects and local craftsmen. Kathmandu as well as the center of 'treasure' for history enthusiasts. Because, here many of the old palace buildings and monumental stupa.

Here are some interesting tourist attractions in Kathmandu, Nepal you can visit:

1. Durbar square

Starting from the Durbar square, this is the earliest place for tourists while exploring Kathmandu. Durbar in Nepali means the castle, so you will start on the front page of the royal palace. At Durbar square, you can find a few old wooden buildings. In addition, this square is the focal point of pedestrians, merchants, and tourists.

2. Bagmati River and town of Patan

Bagmati river is just a geographical divide between Patan and Kathmandu. After crossing the river and arrived at Patan, you may be hard to believe if this place has more temples than Kathmandu, and several Buddhist monasteries such as Kumbeshwar Temple and the Temple of Banglamukhi.

Patan can be a fun destination if you are a fan of art as this place is filled with wood and stone carvings, metal sculptures, architectural decorations, dozens of Buddhist temples and Hindu temples, as well as having more than 1200 monuments. This town is also known for its rich tradition of arts and crafts that make it the birthplace of the craftsmen and artists such as Kuber Singh Shakya and Arniko.

3. Thamel district

Unique experience will continue when you get to the Thamel district in Katmandhu where the narrow streets crowded with pedestrians, motorcycles, cars and bicycles. Tourists and locals usually gather in a variety of shops, restaurants and bars that exist on both sides of the road, while the music of the era of the 80s playing.

4. Bhaktapur

Located in the east of Kathmandu, Bhaktapur is a beautiful medieval village and historically located at strategic points along the India-Tibet trade route. With the ban on cars in town of center, you can freely go to see a variety of beautiful architecture, such as "Peacock Window" that famous. Be sure to also see a variety of wood carvings and pottery scattered everywhere.

5. Garden of Dreams

Other interesting sites is a city park that is part of Kaiser Mahal palace, built in 1895, Garden of Dreams. In the hands of descendants of the Kaiser, the park is transformed into a work of art. The park is very beautiful, in it there is a beautiful ensemble pavilion with a fountain in the middle. Uniquely, this park also has a touch of Europe, such as porches, theaters, galleries, libraries, and birdhouses.