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6 Interesting Tourist Attractions In Nairobi, Kenya

Nairobi is the capital of Kenya in East Africa. Here a lot of interesting things and sights worth your visit. Nairobi is the cultural, economic and communication centers in Kenya. institutions in the country's most important higher education is found here, and tourist industry that growing . Here are 6 interesting tourist attractions in Nairobi you can visit:

1. City ​​safari, Nairobi National Park

Many tourists who went to Kenya just for a holiday safari. One place to watch a variety of wildlife is the Nairobi National Park. In it there is a lion, cheetah, leopard, buffalo, hippos, zebras, giraffes, deer and others. Do not miss the baby rhinos showers , and elephants David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in the park, or go to the Langata Giraffe Center giraffe center adjacent to Hotel Manor.

2. Tusker Beer

There is a relaxing place to enjoy a cold beer in Nairobi, the bar is located on Street Casablanca Lenana. Bar was created fashionable Moroccan style. Beer is a local Tusker beer is a typical menu there.

3. Karen Blixen Museum

This museum was once a farm is famous in Africa in 1917-1931. In the house or museum books are still stored in the closet shelf monogram.

4. Nairobi Java House

Coffee lovers are not originally from Java, Italy and Seattle, but exactly in the state of Africa or Ethiopia. Well, since you are now in Nairobi, try to come to Nairobi Java House coffee cafe ( the best on the continent.

5. Rift Valley

Other safari parks in the Rift Valley. Here you can watch the lives of savanna, geology, soil, fauna and history of human life. On a clear day you can see a lot of natural beauty to hundreds of kilometers in the direction of Tanzania.

6. The Jambo Kenya Deluxe

Nairobi-Mombasa, is the train route Jambo Kenya Deluxe is also one of the largest in the world. There are many luxurious amenities in the train cabin. Ranging from two to bed and sink vanity table is laid out neatly. Train travel tickets are $ 50 or equivalent Rp430 thousand.