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6 Most Romantic City For Honeymoon

Because beautiful, some cities in the world are mentioned as the most romantic city. Not just because the scenery and beauty that makes us stunned at the sight, as well as the cities is the right place to visit with your partner for honeymoon. Here it is the most romantic city you must visit with your beloved partner.

1. Barcelona, ​​Spain

A city in Spain has a very strong romantic aura. Barcelona is known as the city of the lovebird or a new partner. Stepping on the road while accompanied by the afternoon sun and the old buildings so one of the favorite activities in this city. Open market, cafe and restaurant with European style and the amazing architecture museum that seemed to blow love liven up in the air. Do not be surprised if later your partner will be much more romantic than usual.

2. Santorini, Greece

Enjoy a romantic honeymoon in Santorini become the dream of all young couples. This romantic city in Greece with a hill-shaped housing and lodging are the majority is white. Imagine you are staying at the hotel with views of the yellow lights are dimmed around it. Not to mention the beach in the distance, the clear night sky and the stars are flashing flirtatious. Perfection is able to make you and your partner more closely and abundant love.

3. Venice, Italy

Venice in Italy become the next romantic destinations. Sitting in the gondola which drove slowly in the middle of a quiet canal while singing songs of love, can intoxicate the new couple. This city is famous for its canals and gondola full of love. Here, you can enjoy a day on the banks of the canal while making small talk or spend the afternoon at the local cafe while waiting for the sunset. Candle light dinner in the restaurant can also be a way to spend a romantic honeymoon.

4. Prague, Czech Republic

Visit Czech Republic, Prague become one of most wanted the newlyweds. Classic building typical of Eastern Europe indulge anyone who looked. The afternoon sun that hit the whole town, very romantic. The old town of Josefov district of Prague and destinations can be visited by appealing to both lovers. You can enjoy the building and the remains dissolved in the romantic history with your beloved partner.

5. Udaipur, India

Udaipur was named the most romantic city in India. The city is often referred to as the City Palace of a Thousand because a lot of castles in there. Enhanced the beauty of the palace with beautiful lakes. Fateh Prakash Palace and Durbar Hall are a few versions of the palace hotel that could be an alternative for the honeymoon. The interior is luxurious and stunning views of the second mainstay of this hotel.

6. Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech has a unique blend of the western and eastern cultures. Buildings here are very artistic and pleasing to the eye. Do not miss the evening in Marrakech because it is wonderful especially if you spent with my beloved partner. At night, spend time walking in the most famous night market there is Jemma Al-Fahd. Stay in the hotel there will also be brought to an interesting sensation. Although most of the rooms offer a small, but very pretty. Flowers and romantic lighting will be your loyal friend and partner during the honeymoon.