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7 Most Beautiful Natural Pool In the World

So many natural occurrence that produce a pleasant scenery to behold. Including a natural pool that formed the result of a variety of natural events. Here are seven of the most beautiful natural pool in the world:

1. Ginnie Springs, Florida, USA

Jacques Cousteau, divers of the world, found a beautiful hole in northern Florida. A very beautiful natural hole is known as Ginnie Springs. Outdoor Swimming this has freshwater who very fresh. Water comes from springs 7 which empties into the Ginnie Springs.

This pool also offers water activities other than swimming. Here, you can tubing, snorkeling, to diving. Although only pool, but Ginnie Springs has the scenery underwater who very beautiful. The water was clear, although many tourists who come, especially during the summer as it is today.

In addition, Ginnie Springs also has a cave that you can explore by diving. Prepare a complete diving equipment with lights to see the natural beauty of the water at Ginnie Springs.

2. Zacaton Cenote, Tamaulipas, Mexico

Zacaton cenote is a natural pool for traveler 'crazy'. Obviously only, besides because it is difficult-reach, its water also judged not feasible to be enjoyed. Zacaton Cenote has a water which originating from various wastes. Uniquely, it actually looks pretty pool.

Zacaton Cenote is located in the city of Aldama, the northeastern state of Tamaulipas, Mexico. Being in between hill karst, makes pool this is difficult which to dive. Zacaton Cenote also known as the natural pond most in a in the world.

Indeed, no one would have to go into it, remember this pool containing waste. However, NASA tried to sink the robot to know the depth of this pool. The robot successfully detected that Zacaton Cenote has a depth of 339 meters.

Although it has derived from the waste water, the pool still has an amazing sight. In addition, Cenote Zacaton also odorless. So do not be surprised if the waste pool are included in one of the most beautiful natural pool in the world.

3. Dean's Blue Hole, Bahamas

A hole in the middle of the ocean. Being in the Bahamas, an island nation in west Florida, the United States. Dean's Blue Hole was born due to the melting of ice at Zama first. This is a hole in the middle of the ocean in the world with a depth of 400 meters.

Has a width of about 300 meters makes this hole a favorite of the tourists who want to swim and dive. The surrounding scenery is very beautiful as well as underwater nature.

4. Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Not all the cool temperate regions of Iceland. The proof is the Blue Lagoon which has a warm mineral water. This location is inversely proportional to almost the whole area there. The average temperature in the Blue Lagoon about 40 degrees celcius.

Almost all tourists who have been to the Blue Lagoon are those who suffer from some skin disease. This natural pool is known having a very high mineral content. In addition to the warmth of the water, the scenery in the Blue Lagoon is guaranteed to get rid of stress.

5. Yangbajain Hot Springs, Tibet, PRC

Throughout the year, Yangbajain Hot Springs in Tibet, China offers a warm, beautiful pool. In the summer of course, the pool was crowded visited by tourists. In winter, the number increased three-fold.

Warm water in Yangbajain Hot Springs can improve blood circulation, open pores, and many other benefits. Therefore, managers are now building an indoor pool as additional facilities outside the pool but still maintained kealamiannya.

6. Mabinay Spring, Philippines

Mabinay Spring located on the island of Negros Oriental, Philippines. Natural, beautiful, and cool are words that represent the natural pond datpat this one. The scenery is very beautiful, especially when the leaves fall in spring.

This is the most popular hot spring in the Philippines. In addition to the landscape which can attract tourists, Mabinay Spring is also free during the year. So it is conceivable height of this natural bath every day.

7. Jellyfish Lake, Palau

Jellyfish are found not only in the sea. Jellyfish Lake in Koror, Palau, a small island to the east of the Philippines. there are approximately 10 million jellyfish here.

Jellyfish lake may still be overshadowed by other destinations in the world, but this is a paradise for underwater photographers. The jellyfish look very cute, dancing among the divers who come. They are very familiar with the tourists who come, as if stung with the ability to forget. This natural pool is also considered 'dangerous' because it is able to make everyone who came would be reluctant to go home. Jellyfish lake looks very natural because the shade trees around it.