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Top 5 Geneva Tourist Attractions

City of Geneva is the second most populous city in Switzerland, with a population of more than 180.000 inhabitants. The city became one of the most in the know, in addition to the many interesting tourist attractions, as well as some international organizations placing its main office here, such as the International Red Cross, United Nations, Commission on Human Rights, the World Labor Organization, the Council World churches, and other.

The main tourist attractions of Geneva is a fountain with a height of 140 meters is located in Lake Geneva and can be seen from all over the city. Fountain around the site have a garden, where every day many worshiper holiday visit to this park for sightseeing, teenage couples, families or themselves. They sit there a garden, play bike, dating and so on.

Here are top tourist attractions in Geneva you must visit:

1. Jet d’Eau fountain

Water fountains that emit into the air, and water jets until it reaches 140 m. We can enjoy this Fountain of lakeside while relaxing both during the day and more provide a romantic atmosphere when viewed at night, with a scattering of lights of different colors. This fountain can be seen from the edge of the lake Lake of Geneva. Lake Geneva, and Jet d’Eau fountain has become a symbol of the city of Geneva. The area around Lake Geneva to be crowded on weekends, where many residents and tourists sitting on the bench are available at the lakeside.

2. Lake Geneva

This is one of the largest lake in Western Europe. Lake Geneva is located in western Switzerland on the border with France. This lake has an area of ​​582 kilometers and consists of two islands, Ile de la Harpe and the Ile de Peilz.

Lake Geneva has a very clean water and cold as ice water sources in the Alps. These lakes formed by retreating glaciers. This lake is the largest water source in Switzerland and is connected to the main valley of the Alps. Enjoy views of Lake Geneva is an amazing experience. This is the perfect location for a honeymoon couple to spend time.

3. St. Peter's Cathedral

St. Peter's Cathedral, the church building has been occupied since at least the 4th century. The church is located not far from Lake Geneva. Cathedral of St. Peter in Geneva is known as the church where John Calvin gave inspiration through sermons during the mid-16th century. This church is Romanesque architecture, which has been given a touch of Gothic with neoclassical facade, and the shape of the building as it still dominates the center of the building in other Swiss cities.

4. Geneva Flower Clock

Geneva Flower Clock, located in the Jardin Anglais (English Garden). Clock, nuanced of different colors and flower gardens, situated not far from Lake Geneva, made ​​since 1955, this clock is a symbol that combines the capabilities of technology in Switzerland, in making the clock with the arrangement of gardens and environmental art. Locations around the clock has become one of the park which is always the center of attention for tourists to relax. And usually around the site, be a place of art and cultural performances sometimes.

5. Rhone river

Other interesting attractions is travel along Lake Geneva and the Rhone river. we can rent a boat that can take us a tour around the lake or even further into the city Lausane other cities in Switzerland. On the way we will discover many things about the beauty of the mountains of the Alps, the beauty of lakeside and the river is clean and blue, and rural life is cool with vineyards, fields of livestock, buildings with pristine architecture, and every time we could see some birds that flying dive into the lake to pounce on prey. We can also see the activities of tourists who enjoy the lake and beach with swimming, sunbathing, or just sit back. Travel along Lake Geneva and the Rhone River is an unforgettable experience.