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4 Exotic Beaches In Turkey You Must Visit

Turkey has the exotic beaches with turquoise water and beautiful white sand. If you are beach lover, Here are the exotic beach in Turkey you must visit:

1. Patara Beach

One of the most beautiful beaches in Turkey is Patara. The beach is located in the southwest of Kalkan, Turkey. Patara beach is one of the beach with the longest line. As far as the eye could see, only the white sand and blue sea is visible. Favorite activities in Patara Beach is sunbathing, swimming and play sand. Playing here can spend all day.

2. Kabak Beach in Oludeniz

Kabak. The beach is located in Oludeniz, near Fethiye, west Turkey. The beach is a little hidden and surrounded by trees. Some tourists are too lazy to come there because they have to walk for 30 minutes before reaching the beach. But the panoramic views that presented over there is amazing. Quiet and soft sand beach will be the main sights. Swim in the calm blue waters or a leisurely stroll on the beach are activities that can be done there. If you want more time to enjoy the beautiful scenery of this beach, tourists can put up a tent on the shore, living in a tree house or stay on the boat.

3. Iztuzu beach in Daylan

One more favorite beach for tourists is the Iztuzu beach, in Daylan. Coarse white sand, but did not reduce the love of the tourists on this beach. The shape of the curve looks like Tanjung Aan Beach in Lombok. The beach is tangent to the river and make the scene look so different. Even so, there is a ban on swimming near the mouth of the river, the current is quite swift.

4. Cirali beach in Antalya

Cirali beach in Antalya is perfect for nature lovers, and animals. This is where the turtles lay their eggs and underwater paradise. Snorkeling activity must become one that should not be missed while on vacation to the beach. Surrounded by pine trees and citrus, Cirali Beach feels more calm and quiet. Especially with the Lycian mountains become the background, beautiful.

Not only has the natural beauty, this beach is also situated near the ancient site of Olympos. Simply walking for 15 minutes of Olympos. at the southern coast there is a simple restaurant over there can become helper when hungry.