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5 Best Tourist Attractions In Russia

Visit to Russia will be an unforgettable experience. Many interesting tourist attractions in Russia. Russia is the world's largest country, its territory Stretched from the subtropics in the south to the north of Antarctica. The country also has the longest coastline of Antarctica.

Russian regions are on the continent of Europe, especially Eastern Europe and the continent of Asia where the Ural Mountains, becomes boundary between the two continents. The most extensive region is generally temperate Siberian tundra. Because of its location in the northern hemisphere, the territorial waters of Russia are generally covered with some ice-free sea ice the Barents Sea, White Sea, Kara Sea, Laptev Sea and East Siberian Sea are part of the Arctic or North Pole, and the Bering Sea , Sea of ​​Okhotsk and the Sea of ​​Japan, which is part of the Pacific Ocean.

If you get a chance to Russia on vacation, here are the interesting tourist attractions in Russia you can visit:

1. Kremlin

Kremlin is a historic fort in the center of Moscow which built of brick in the 15th century. The length of the walls more than 2 km, the height to 19 m, width 3.5 to 6.5 m, breadth of 27.5 ha. The Kremlin has 20 towers. The most famous of them is the Spasskaya Tower (height 67.3 m) in diameter at 6 m. In the Kremlin there is such a long heritage churches. There is also a hall where there are weapons in a variety of heirloom items including horse carriages, crowns, clothing, jewelry and weapons belonging to the tsar. The Kremlin was once the residence of the Russian czar, but now is where the office of President.

2. St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is a center of industry, science, and cultural significance as well as having industrial machinery, iron, steel, chemicals, and food. The city has had a subway system since 1955. The city center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This city is a port city located on the banks of the River Neva and the Gulf Finskiy. Amounted to 4.8487 million population lives on the 2010 census. In this city of more than 40 rivers flow and approximately 20 channels.

3. Red Square

Red Square is located in a field next to the Kremlin, Moscow, Russia. In this field, there is a Soviet Union History Museum, St. Basil's Cathedral was built in XIV century with the fall of Kazan, and the Mausoleum of Lenin as a funeral Vladimir Lenin's body is preserved. Red Square is the place of ceremony, celebration and military parade which preceded the Soviet Union and continued by the Russian Federation.

4. Derbent

Derbent is a city in the Republic of Dagestan, Russia. The city is the southernmost city in Russia, and the second most important city in Dagestan. The city has a population of 101 031 inhabitants. Azerbaijan is the nation's major ethnic group, followed by Lezgin and Tabasaran.

5. Altai mountains

Altai Mountains are mountain ranges stretching across Central Asia and through the state borders Russia, China, Mongolia and Kazakhstan. Altai Mountains becomes the source of the river Irtysh, Ob and Yenisei. In addition Altai Mountains, also known as the cradle of the Turkish Nation ancestors.