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5 Interesting Tourist Attractions In Dunedin, New Zealand

Planning a vacation in New Zealand? you can visit Dunedin, the second largest city in the South Island. The city is regarded as one of the major cities because of their history, culture, and geography. There are many interesting tourist attractions in Dunedin you can visit. Dunedin is known as the Edinburgh of the South and is proud of its Scots heritage. It has as its heart a statue of the poet Robbie Burns, and many of its streets carry the same name as streets in Edinburgh. Beside this, Dunedin is a university town, you have to feel the tour that is associated with the University of Otago through visits to churches, colleges and small hidden streets.

Here are interesting tourist attractions in Dunedin New Zealand you must visit:

1. Larnach Castle

Imposing building Larnach Castle, built in 1871 by a local merchant. A castle offers beautiful views of the Otago Peninsula and surrounded by a beautiful garden area of ​​35 hectares. Larnach Castle Park is one of five national parks were given the title of "garden of international significance" by the New Zealand Gardens Trust. This is the first park in the South Island were given the award. Castle located on Camp Road, Otago Peninsula is open every day from 9:00 to 17:00 pm local time.

2. Baldwin Street

Baldwin Street. A street in the north end of Dunedin was recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as the steepest street in the world. The slope 350 meters long road is reached 1:2.86 (19 or 35 percent). Means every 2.86 meters of horizontal travel, progress one meter. The lower part of the road is not too steep and paved surface. While the top of the road is a dead end which is very steep and made of concrete.

Each year, this road became the location for the annual event known as the Dunedin Baldein Street Gutbuster. Since 1988 every summer, take a sort of balance training involved participants have to run from the end of the road leading to the top, then back down. This event has always managed to attract hundreds of competitors a year.

3. Dunedin Botanical Gardens

Want to see beautiful natural look and feel the cool air in Dunedin, New Zealand? Visit the Dunedin Botanical Gardens that located at the north end of town. Because of its strategic location that is close to the University of Otago, botanical garden is popular among students.

This park has two parts, Lower Park and the Upper Park. Lower park has a feature rose and herb gardens, a duck pond, band rotunda, and a Japanese garden. There is also a cafe and visitor center. A small stream of Leith, Lindsay creeks, also flows through the gardens lower. Turning to the Upper Park, you'll find a winding road Lovelock Avenue. Along the side of this road, you will see the bush. Top Garden also features a garden Africa, Wetland Park, a bird's nest, and a garden filled with brightly colored rhododendrons.

4. St Clair Beach

Take a short trip to St Clair Beach, where you can swim in the saltwater pool Victorian era, following a surfing lesson or just stroll along the pedestrian area. Along the pedestrian area, you will find a variety of restaurants and bars. While enjoying a coffee in the quiet morning, you can look at the horizon without limit and at night the atmosphere was lively waterfront will be created.

5. Otago University

University of Otago is the first university in New Zealand. Otago University has some great old buildings to wander about and see, when Uni's in its a good place to sit, people watch and take it all in, some good food/cafes/bars are nearby too.