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5 Tourist Attractions that Safe For Women Traveler

For women, security in a tourist place, when do the traveling to be the most important consideration. Moreover if you are traveling alone. There are 5 cities tourist places safe for women.

1. Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Most cities in Western Europe are considered safe to visit for women. Just as the Dutch capital Amsterdam, has friendly people and safe public transport. This situation becomes even more value for Amsterdam as a tourist destination the traveler women who travel alone or in groups. Said to be safe for women because the incidence of crimes against women. Even for the facilitate communication, all residents and tourists living in Amsterdam always use English.

2. Ireland
Friendly locals, beautiful nature, and a variety of activities presented in this area, managed to embrace both in a family atmosphere. In this country, female traveler can go partying all night without having to worry. Not only that, the woman traveler can enjoy the earthly paradise of nature in diverse destinations feast for the eyes.

Variety of types of tours that you really like to do are all available here. Mountains, desert flowers, cliffs, lakes and the sea are some of the natural attractions that can be enjoyed. Or do you prefer to shop, maybe Dublin could be your haven. Enjoy the Irish like to enjoy hot chocolate accompanied by cookies in the afternoon. So let's browse the indulgent of Ireland now!

3. Costa Rica, South America
Some cities in Latin America has a bad reputation for a woman. However, in Costa Rica a problem like this would not happen. So the city became the most popular travel destinations safest for women. During a trip in this city, you will meet friendly locals. Amazement again, when traveling in the city you do not need to be afraid of losing stuff. Because of the missing items will be handed over to the authorities if found by the locals. The city is also a mirror as a very safe city. Local residents will be happy to help travelers asking nothing in return.

4. India
Popular as a backpacker destination country, India is also one of the best destinations for the female traveler. In recent years, India has become a country that is very unique and has a special attraction. Thanks to the hospitality of its people, travelers can easily search for the driver of the natives of India. Travelers can ask a lot about a country known for its dance and singing it.

In addition, you will feel like an artist while in this country. Yes, do not be surprised if a lot of people asking for photos with tourists. If you know you're a tourist, they are happy to provide a variety of information that can make your trip.

5. Vietnam
In this country women travelers will awake from crime and other criminal treatment. Residents Vietnam has a good background so they know how to serve guests or tourists who come from other countries. In this country women can shop, walk, do massage, and others. In addition, Vietnam also minimal crime. Travelers can enjoy the ins and outs of Vietnam freely.

For you women, do not be afraid to do the traveling. There are many cities, states, and other areas in the hemisphere that beautiful and safe. So for your female traveler, let's pack up and explore the beauty of nature.