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Visit Alhambra, Major Tourist Attraction In Granada

Alhambra is a major attraction in Granada. Alhambra is a palace complex, the royal relics of the golden age of Andalusia located on a hill at the edge of Granada city province of Andalusia region of southern Spain. The most comfortable time to visit the Alhambra is the month of April or early May. At which time the temperature was no longer cold but not heat. Looks from a distance, panoramic Alhambra with reddish walls burst on the sidelines of the mountains and forests. Beautiful, like fairy tales that have magical power, graceful and charming.

Alhambra is a valuable asset. Alhambra Palace has been hundreds of years old and needs to be maintained and the preservation of its existence, UNESCO set a quota of visitors per day. Therefore, it is better you buy tickets through the internet a few days before you visit the Alhambra complex.

Alhambra is also one of the top cultural highlights ever achieved by a European. Complex that was about 1300 years, ever became a settlement for forty thousand people, complete with housing, schools and gardens and their gardens. Alhambra literal meaning is "red fort", referring to the color of the walls of an ancient fortress which is the oldest building in the palace complex. Now, this complex consists of four parts: Alcazaba fortress, palace of Charles V, Nasrid royal palace and summer residence of Generalife.

Alcazaba is an ancient fortress which is the oldest part of the Alhambra. This fort was first built in 711 on the sisasisa a Roman fort. After the fall of Cordoba. By the Moors, Granada become ​​the capital of Andalusia, and the first king of the Nasrid dynasty, built a high wall surrounding the complex layered and added a series of impressive tower. Highest tower, Torre de la Vela, has a height of 27 meters. Top of the tower offers beautiful views of the city of Granada with the background snowy peaks of Sierra Nevada.

Charles V
Just in front of the Alcazaba fortress, interspersed with a rose garden, you can see the palace of Charles V. The palace was built in renaissance style of this new compound is added at the Alhambra in the 16th century. The palace is surrounded by galleries are arranged in two floors. Rows of massive pillars and sturdy to be the only decoration in this gallery. Without a wall decoration, with no decorations on the ceiling and outer walls of this palace is composed of the arrangement of slabs of boulders with no motive to make this castle appears in stark contrast compared to other buildings filled with Moorish-style calligraphy and decoration delicate design detail .

Generalife summer garden on the other side of the complex, apart from other important buildings of the Alhambra. This park is used as a place for the Nasrid dynasty kings to 'exile' rest to forget the bustle of the kingdom. Generalife was the summer garden, complete with a palace. Garden with a pond and fountain. Very charming, as well as bring peace and comfort while being there.

Nasrid Palace
The main part of the palace complex is the Nasrid Alhambra (Nasrid Palace). Building his palace decorated with carvings typical Moorish style calligraphy are interspersed on the pillars and walls. The palace has many windows. The windows are a beautiful frame when I took off to enjoy the panoramic views that lie around the stunning Alhambra. Nasrid palace consists of three parts, each of which is built around the patio (roofed terrace) of its own. Overall Nasrid palace is decorated with rows of pillars with arches typical artistic style of the Moors. Foundation of marble, a buffer for the ceiling, decorated with bas-relief of the cast, a sort of stalactite. The walls are filled with colorful mosaics. On the Patio de los Leones was contained fountain supported by twelve marble lion statues.

Alhambra has a magical appeal to so many tourists from various countries. At night, many tourists thronged the streets to the Nasrid Palace.